The project has been named one of the final three in the community-led regeneration category of this year’s SURF Awards, which showcases success in addressing regeneration challenges in communities across Scotland.

The awards are given annually by SURF, a regeneration forum with over 300 cross-sector member organizations across Scotland, in partnership with the Scottish Government.

After evaluating entries from Shetland to Dumfries and Galloway, across five categories, SURF’s independent jury agreed on 15 shortlisted projects.

They will visit them all during October to better understand their impact and the situations to which they respond.

Since 1998, the SURF Awards have identified successful regeneration projects of all sizes across Scotland. This year’s shortlisted projects include major investments in creating spaces, youth employability initiatives, and activities by community groups and arts organizations in both urban and rural contexts.

The winners of the five categories will then be announced by Tom Arthur, Scottish Government Minister for Public Finance, Planning and Community Wealth, on December 8 at the awards dinner at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow.

Brian MacDonald, President of SURF, said, “SURF offers a number of programs, but the SURF Awards are the jewel in our crown.

“We are confident that the nominees can prove they have used the power of their communities, their innovation and their commitment not only to win, but to highlight the significant number of activities that truly connect with people, so that they can provide developments that are informed and therefore are most relevant to them.

“This year we are again facing challenges that will impact the work being done at the grassroots level. It is probably more important that we highlight the important work that is taking place in communities in these most difficult of circumstances. “

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