It’s fair to say that the new Vikings spin-off series Vikings: Valhalla contains its fair share of memorable moments – from maritime sequences to rousing speeches to epic battles.

And in an exclusive interview with, stars Leo Suter and Sam Corlett – who play legendary Vikings Harald Hardrada and Leif Eriksson respectively in the cast of Vikings: Valhalla – picked out one scene in particular that will live long in the memory of fans. of them. their.

“There’s one in the first episode, we call it the amphitheater scene,” Suter explained. “It is Harald who makes this speech to the whole army because it is in danger of breaking.

“And we shot this on a moonlit night in a beautiful part of Ireland, and to hear the whole army…because they answer with a roar, and it echoed through the hills .

“And it was a real adrenaline rush, hairs on the back of your neck. Those catchy speeches, they’re a lot of fun – you gotta give it your all because you gotta get 1,000 backings from the artists to back you up.”

Corlett echoed Suter’s sentiments, explaining that he enjoyed watching the characters develop during filming and marked this scene as a major turning point for Harald.

“It was cool to see the evolution of these [characters] and the expression thereof. In particular, Leo in that amphitheater scene, which, like, being there gives me goosebumps and watching it put together so well by our editing team.

“For example, when he shouted ‘Viking Blood,’ I got goosebumps – it was cool to be there and smell it and then see the finished product. It’s really cool.”

Vikings: Valhalla is now streaming on Netflix.

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