The F1 racetrack is in full swing: Max Verstappen treats 2022 as a sort of Grand Prix bingo card, ticking off the various positions from which he can win.

Seventh? 10th? 14th? It doesn’t really matter. You think he should just start from the pit lane just to make us laugh a little more.

Sunday afternoon’s inevitability at Monza was softened by a few charges on the pitch, after a penalty system that seems to have reached its logical conclusion in reaching the height of absurdity. Who started where? Even F1 didn’t know that.

Here’s what was going on up and down at the Temple of Speed.

I go down

The graph we didn’t know we didn’t need

Really upset to see my parents’ old Fiat Multipla being taken in the neck by Crofty. #Knowledge.

The misery of the DRS train

All aboard!

Alex Pantling – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images

The 2020 and 2021 Italian GPs were fascinating case studies in races that yielded unexpected results but still managed to be boring.

2022 has been simply reassuring from start to finish – even Ferrari haven’t found a way to make it exciting in some sort of home capitulation, with Leclerc quietly slipping out of the way with a second pit stop scheduled.

F1 could ban DRS at Monza to prevent trains forming, but that could potentially make matters worse. Maybe only let the second car on the train have DRS within a certain time frame?

Do not go to El Plan


Wait till you drive next year’s Aston Fernando…


Alonso could sense there was a problem with his Alpine before the team could see it on telemetry. His reaction when his future ex-employers told him he saw no problem? “Wow.”

Aston Misery

Both machines at Silverstone were slow, then broke down. The only way is from here…

I ride

pantomime villain

Burning £80 Mercedes baseball caps might go a bit far, but nothing wrong with fans booing winner Max Verstappen after the race.

Thumbs up for the pantomime partisan antics.

Dub De Vries

Nyck De Vries interrupted his morning espresso to save Williams on Saturday and then Sunday.

Appears in qualifying and places him in Q2 before scoring two points in the race, probably banishing Nicholas Latifi in IndyCar which he will ruin for the next few years.

You can already see him stalling his Dale Coyne DW12 somewhere halfway to Mid-Ohio, bringing out another “caution”…

Picturesque setting

It may not have been a thriller, but with ever more car parks and Middle Eastern TilkeDromes on the calendar, there’s something reassuring about watching F1 cars blast through northern Italian parks .

Even images featuring a crane and a gate are beautiful.

Last Chance Fair

It may look increasingly like Mick Schumacher is about to be ejected by Haas into the F1 ether with a cheery wave from Guenther, but at least he’s going out in style.

This thrilling dive on Latifi had to be the hit of the race.