Thursday at Vaze College, Mulund saw the lovely Payal Rohatgi and a Bombay Times judge turn to the most talented individuals in this college, as the Bombay Times Fresh Face 2010 campaign had been launched at their college!

When the judges arrived in their cars, the excitement outside the college buildings and auditoriums was clearly visible. The buzz was in the air and excitement was building up to a climax and a huge roar of welcome greeted us as we walked into the college auditorium, wielded our pens and microphones, and cracked. A large number of students had registered on iTimes.com and there was the big first round to go, where round after round of young hopefuls presented themselves to the judges. Payal had a penchant for those who had the ability to dance well. However, there were clearly a large number of students who had a not inconsiderable talent for mimicry and drama. For some of the students who had not rehearsed and registered for the program on iTimes.com at the event itself, and it was clearly a spontaneous awareness, but when the students were are set to move, they did it like experts. Shreeram Vasant blackmailed the student crowd, while Udhav Patil performed a short skit in Marathi. The calm and unpretentious Harsh Kotak had Payal in separation with his Shayaris while Bharat Zaveri showed off his deejaying skills. But ultimately, there will be a winner and there will be a runner-up. For Shreya Jadhav, dancing was in her blood, as not only did she move well, but she also spoke well and was also a crowd favorite. Prithviraj Savashe was a powerhouse of improvisational talent. He did a great sketch as an RJ simulation, with a jaw-dropping rendition of a non-stop traffic update! Shreyas Sawant bowled the judges over with his disarming honesty, asking the judges “not to look at his butt because my pants are down!” With a lot of encouragement, he managed to do a great little skit. The “Never Give In” attitude also helped, because even though he didn’t have a good physique, this guy did have personality. Monal Jain also danced really well, and in the end it was time for the judges to decide. Monal Jain and Prithviraj Savashe were declared finalists while the winners were Shreya Jadhav and Shreyas Sawant.

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