The Colorado Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, playing through a stunning sunset, and a special guest make for a memorable sight.

On paper, playing at the base of one of the largest ski areas in the United States, during one of their biggest sports and arts festivals, doesn’t sound like an intimate experience. Everyone present soon realized that Turn managed to make it feel like a little community show.

“It’s my 10e anniversary of coming to their shows,” “I’ve seen them 64 times,” and “We’re traveling across the state to see them tomorrow” are just a few of the various comments made by fans who had the opportunity to see the band play multiple times in a day. Starting their day at noon, Twiddle had a free short set on one of the event’s smaller stages. Called the Jam in the Van stage, the band played for a smaller crowd near the athlete’s lounge. This gave long-time fans the opportunity to interact with potential new fans and get them interested in seeing the show later that night.

The day wore on, the sun was starting to set, a few light raindrops to cool the heat, a move across town to the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, and it was time for the main performance. Opening the show was Mihali Savoulidis, who is Twiddle’s lead singer. Play as mihali and joined by Glove the pair stepped out to prep the crowd with familiar favorites as well as one of G. Love’s most recent singles, “Laughing in the Sunshine” from his upcoming album, Philadelphia Mississippi. This album is due out in two weeks, on June 24th. The two opened up about the first time they met as old friends, playing to themselves and chatting before performing a mashup of well-known covers including “Casey Jones,” “Glycerine,” “No Wife , no cry”, “Wagon Wheel” and “One day”.

With the first set over, it was time for Mihali to take the stage for the third time in one day, followed by the rest of Twiddle. This allowed the crowd to really fill out the front and get ready to hang out together for a fun night. Playing an impressive set of just over two hours that started while the sun was still up, through the full sunset behind the crowd and into the dark of night. The crowd became more involved as the venue grew darker, with some fans dancing with glow sticks in the back, while others opted to be as close to the stage as possible to dance . The mountains are always a perfect place for the mix of reggae, funk and rock that a great jam band like Twiddle can effortlessly execute.

Bringing out G. Love again for another collaboration focused on the show, really feeling like a bunch of friends at a backyard party playing music for fun. All in all, Twiddle played an amazing show with the perfect summer mountain vibe, and going through the last line of their last song of the night, “When it’s raining, it’s raining, they just want you” smile while walking, thinking about the day.

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