A cool summer night to enjoy the horror of the Trinity of Terror II tour at the Azura Amphitheater in Bonner Springs, KS.

We came as Romans (WCAR) kicked off the night with kicks and jumps from vocalist Dave Stephens and bassist Andy Glass. If you’ve never seen these guys, expect nothing but gnarly energetic guitar riffs and vocals. “Darkfloweron the soon to be released album Darkflower, kick off their hard-hitting setlist.

Also on the setlist, “Lost In The Moment”. Dave took the time to share a story about the devastating loss of Kyle Pavone and the impact he had on the band. They struggled to release the song but decided it was best to pay homage to Kyle. Dave reminded fans to “enjoy your happiness in the moment”. WCAR ended their set with “Black Hole” and asked Kansas fans to show them how we do it. A large circular mosh pit erupted in the center of the pit.

Ice Nine Kills (INK) presented an impressive horror production show in the amphitheater. The murder began with an old fashioned movie marquee displayed on the massive video wall. The marquee served as the setlist for the evening. Video graphics pay homage to horror movies, which inspired the albums The silver cry and Welcome to Horrowood: Silver Scream 2.

Butchers, Jason, oh my! The production begins with the cutting of the body parts. It’s just an arm and then a head. Circus entertainment wowed fans when Georgie lost her boat below. The set was an ever-evolving fantastic production. This was indeed a show production and not just a jam session. The storyline kept fans engaged with songs and the sublime of the unknown.

Welcome to Horrorwood is a must see if you are a fan of horror movies from the 60s, 70s, 80s and current characters. It’s energetic and comedic at times, and if you’re close enough you might spot a murderous look from Spencer as he sings the story. Don’t let the costumes fool you. Spencer has numerous wardrobe changes and props throughout the night, and the cast of characters is every bit as energetic as the horrifying hellish storyline.

Christian waves to the crowd to start the black Veil Brides together and heads to her riser for the night. Jinxx followed, and they started the set with “Faithless”, from their 2014 self-titled album. Black Veil Brides.

Kudos must be given to the guys and fans of Black Veil Brides. In the second song, Andy spotted fans screaming for help in the mosh pit area. Andy quickly stopped the set to check that everyone was okay and to send help. Thumbs up and Andy thanked the fans for looking out for each other. Andy demanded a recast of “Coffin”, and filming continued. The mosh pits and crowd surfing have resumed with no more injuries.

The BVB set was a mix of hard-hitting tracks that spanned the entire catalog of the band to create what sounded like a metalcore opera. They even released “Knives and Pens” from their 2010 album. We sew these wounds to you. new songs Crimson Skies” and “Scarlet Cross” from The Phantom Tomorrow also made the setlist for the evening. BVB closed the set with “In The End” from their 2018 album Valley.

As the scenery changed, fans were eager to hear Motionless in white and started singing loud and long for the band to start their set. The intro music seemed to go on forever, making fans more eager to hear Motionless.

At the start of the set, Chris invited all spectators to the pit area, and the band began their set with “Disguise”. Fans sang and didn’t miss a word. Even when the band stopped playing, the crowd lined up louder than before the vocals.

Chris declared story time with fans to share a milestone between the room and the band. Motionless In White performed on the Distorted tour for many years. They played every year on the little stage in the parking lot. Chris came to see bands play on the big stage in the amphitheater. He often wondered what it would be like to play on it. This concert marked the first time Motionless in White performed on the venue’s main stage. Chris delivered a big thank you from the band to his fans for all these years of support and for helping them get on the big stage.

“Sign of Life” energized the crowd to jump up and down and form the biggest mosh pit of the night. By the end of “Voices”, the mosh pit was getting fast and aggressive, and a few fans fell. The crowd screamed for help. When Chris stopped the set, he asked the crowd to step back and asked the fans to form a path so the support and fans could safely exit.

A cover of The Killers’ “Somebody Told Me” ended up on the setlist. Groovy synth sounds and drum beats take you back in time, but with a killer metal twist. Few people remained seated. The set ended with “Eternally Yours” from their 2017 album. quarter of cemetery.

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