The Gala des Champions trophy table (

The trainee race director of the 3R Hippodrome, François Carignan, has confirmed in recent days that the 2021 Champions Gala will take place in the coming months.

We are talking about a date around January 15th. Location details, exact date, time and format will come later.

The process was started a few weeks ago and the list of nominees was finalized, the vote even took place.

The hosts of the Gala des Champions from left to right are Guy Lafontaine, François Carignan and Daniel Delisle (

First, the most involved members of the H3R, Ms. Cynthia Thériault and Ms. Murielle Thomassin, as well as Mr. François Carignan, Mr. Guy Lafontaine, Mr. Maximilien Bradette and Daniel Delisle, drew up a list from which the vote has been taken.

This vote involved five people, plus Mr. Carignan, the five people being Mr. René Quessy and Mr. Jacques Fortin from the ATAQ, Mr. Paul-André Lehoux from the CRCCQ and Mr. Maximilien Bradette and Daniel Delisle for H3R.

Five points were awarded for the first choice, three for the second and one for the third. In the event of a tie, François Carignan settles the debate.

And this is how the two finalists in each category are now known; the winners will be announced at the gala.

Trainer of the year

Francis Richard 88 departures (19-18-15) $ 142,250

Sylvain Tremblay 89 departures (31-7-12) $ 106,678

Pilot of the year

Pascal Bérubé 289 departures (63-24-43) $ 225,179

Samuel Fillion 253 departures (36-55-36) $ 178,071

Rookie of the Year

Antoine Desrochers 32 departures (1-4-6) $ 9,167

Jessica Turenne 103 departures (16-10-6) $ 42,791

Groom of the year

Linda Bélanger Stable Dany Fontaine

Emma Bouchard Alpha Stable

Breeder of the year

Kevin maguire

Sylvain Tremblay

Walker of the year

Hall Win 13 departures (6-1-4) $ 46,574

XOXO 16 starts (7-3-0) $ 27,378

Pacer of the year

DGS De Vito 17 departures (7-6-2) $ 26,830

Enchanted Story 15 starts (7-3-3) $ 19,786

Owner of the year

Jean Fontaine

Jean-Francois Reid

Family of the Year

Desrochers family

Gagnon family

Finally, all the statistics compiled take into account what happened at H3R in 2021.

Congratulations to all of the nominees and good luck with the final unveiling.

By Daniel Delisle, for the Jockey Club de Québec