On the occasion of National Space Day, astrophysicist Gianluca Massi, photographer and scientific director of the Virtual Telescope Project, wanted to share a unique vision of the world: the interstellar transit of the International Space Station overlooking the legendary Colosseum. Contribution of the Colosseum Archaeological Park and the virtual telescope project, designed for National Space Day, promoted by the Italian Space Agency.

“So we wanted, in a picture, Connecting two thousand years of historyFrom our roots to the contemporary challenge that places us among the stars. – Explain Astrophysicist Gianluca Massi“The International Space Station (ISS, from the English International Space Station) is a human base in space. It is one of the most ambitious projects ever and sees the participation of 14 countries, including Italy, which has always made a fundamental contribution, both from a scientific and technological point of view and as an astronaut crew.

It is an important example of international cooperation. Equal in length to a football field, it flies at a height of 400 kilometers. He traveled to At a speed of about 28,000 kilometers per hour, it takes about 90 minutes to orbit our planet. Inside, important scientific experiments are carried out under microgravity conditions. It is an essential step towards more distant destinations, like Mars.

At once There are 10 astronauts aboard the International Space Station and Samantha Cristoforetti will be returning next spring. The transit between the stars and the constellations of this particular satellite is clearly visible from Earth and is always a wonderful sight. On the occasion of National Space Day, we wanted to resume such a transit from a place of unprecedented beauty and importance, an emblem in the world of Italy, of the city of Rome. and our history: the Colosseum. As we turn our eyes to the sky from the heart of the amphitheater, the legendary monument seems to cut off much of the sky, framing ancient stars and constellations with its thousand-year-old walls, shielding us from artificial lights.

It is impossible to express the feelings that one feels while enjoying the cosmic panorama from the Colosseum: the beauty of the sky and the earth reinforce each other and the passage in the space station becomes an unforgettable experience. We’re really excited to share with you two different clips from the International Space Station on the Flavian Amphitheater: one that happened on December 6, when the sky was now dark and full of stars, and the ‘another on December 7 shortly after sunset. The first was unusual, as the International Space Station passed exactly high in the sky, just perpendicular to the Colosseum.

hope this May precious visions fill us with awe and wonder, In the awareness of what we have been, what we are and what we will be, always supported and comforted by this timeless beauty that surrounds us on tour.. (Photos by Gianluca Massi)

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