The Taipei Performing Arts Center will soon open for a trial run from March to May to test its three auditoriums, Taipei Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun (蔡炳坤) said on Tuesday.

The 59,000 sq m cultural landmark, which cost NT$6.75 billion ($244.4 million) and lasted 10 years, would host 15 performance groups and 58 shows during the trial phase from March 11 to May 15, Tsai said at a press conference.

“Lastly, the Taipei Performing Arts Center will welcome the people of Taipei, and I’m sure many people will be deeply moved and filled with anticipation,” he said.

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One of the auditoriums that complements the complex’s futuristic design is the Globe Playhouse, an 800-seat spherical theater that resembles a planet. The center also includes the Grand Theater, a 1,500-seat venue, and the Blue Box, an 800-seat multifaceted theater for experimental performances, Tsai said.

The complex has made international headlines and the opening of the center is considered one of the most important cultural developments of the year in Asia, he added.

The complex is expected to boost Taiwan’s performing arts as it will provide a venue not only for accomplished artists but also for emerging talents to help them grow, said Taipei Performing Arts Center President Liu Ruo-yu (劉若瑀).

“It’s like opening a door for artists of all levels to come in,” Liu said. “We want to make Taipei Performing Arts Center an international landmark, where people will come from all over the world to watch the artists perform.”

The new center rises above the hustle and bustle of the Shilin Night Market (士林夜市), famous for its nightlife and one of the city’s must-see tourist destinations.

People coming to watch shows would also complement the vibrant business activity in the area, said the center’s CEO, Austin Wang (王孟超).

“We hope to attract more theaters, cafes, restaurants and art galleries to the area,” Wang said.

Construction of the Taipei Performing Arts Center began in 2012, and the building was completed in August 2014. The facility was commissioned by the Taipei City Government to support performing arts groups.

The complex is expected to fully open in July with the official opening in August, the center said in a statement.

More information on tickets for performances during the center’s trial phase can be found at

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