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On Sunday afternoon, just outside Paris, France, the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes hosts the world’s richest race for Standardbreds, the Prix d’Amérique, with a purse of 1 million euros ( US$1,114,000).

There will be 18 harnessed racehorses competing in the Prix d’Amérique, which is held over a distance of 2,700 meters or 1.67 miles. The weather forecast for Paris on Sunday is a high of 51 (10 degrees Celsius), partly cloudy with a chance of rain.

Also on the program on Sunday are the Prix de France Speed ​​​​Race (2,100 meters) and the Prix de Paris Marathon (4,150 meters), each endowed with a purse of 400,000 euros (450,000 US$).

The Prix d’Amérique was first held in February 1920. The race was developed as a tribute to American aid to France during World War I. There were 14 starters in the first edition, in the race for a purse of 20,000 francs.

On Sunday, 36 countries will carry the Prix d’Amérique racing card via television, the Internet and radio.

Last year, a total of €96 million (US$107 million) was wagered on the three major races.

Average attendance at the Prix d’Amérique track is 40,000 people. Due to Covid this year only 5,000 race fans will be allowed to attend the race card. It was the fans who were lucky enough to get tickets well in advance for the big day of the race.

The race card starts at 12:00 p.m. in France, or 6:00 a.m. in the USA (EST). The Prix d’Amérique is scheduled for 4:20 p.m. (10:20 a.m. US).

To watch the races, fans can view the race map either at or at

Jean-Michel Bazire is the most represented rider trainer in the Final. The Sarthois with 20 Gold Sulkies has entered four major horses in the race: Davidson du Pont, second last year in the Prix d’Amérique, Feydeau Seven who won Qualif #6 ​​- Prix de Belgique 2022, Rebella Matters, remarkable in the qualifying races, and Zacon Gio, another international top start. “JMB” will drive Feydeau Seven.

Astonishing could well compete with Davidson du Pont for the title of favorite. Richard Westerink’s protege won the Prix de Paris Marathon in 2021 and he beat Face Time Bourbon this year in Qualif #2 – Prix du Bourbonnais.

Galius may have earned less money than his opponents, but he’s certainly not the least gifted of the bunch.

Flamme du Goutier will try to win the world championship after being crowned world champion “under saddle” last Sunday at Paris-Vincennes.

Honneck is the youngest competitor on the grid, he has won his last three races and Gu d’Héripré finished third last year in the Prix d’Amérique. They can all play a leading role in the big race.

Four foreign-trained participants will challenge local nationals. They are Power, Cockstile, Vitruvio and Vivid Wise As. Cockstile took a great victory in the Qualif#5 – Prix de Bourgogne and is the most dangerous visitor of the group.

Here are the 18 starters for the Prix d’Amérique on Sunday.

By Steve Wolf, for Harnesslink