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Photo outside “The Wood” via Jason Agan

While we know that the skating industry is booming around Birmingham, you might be looking for a place to get your new gear and wires. Look no further than The Wood, a vintage skate shop and clothing store.

The Wood, a skate shop and vintage clothing store. Find out how he serves the community and brings life (and skating) to Woodlawn.

As a joint venture of Jason Agan (creator of All Hands Skateboards) and his business partner and head of clothing, Cameron Williams.

How the wood began

Vintage clothing from The Wood
Vintage clothing from The Wood. Photo by Jason Agan

Jason Agan, the creator of All Hands Skateboards, and Cameron Williams, the founder of Ill Status Vintage, founded The Wood to get involved in the Woodlawn community and have a physical shopping space to sell their vintage products and skateboards. Supporting locals is something they are passionate about, and this place is proof of that.

Before The Wood, Agan and Williams had separate businesses and were looking for community pop-up shops such as Mom’s Basement Vintage Market to sell their products. Now that they are collectively The Wood, they organize their own events such as the “Scratch Sessions” which take place every Monday from 6 to 8 pm.

If you don’t know what a scratch session is, it’s an open, rotating scratch session open to all forms of hip hop. It’s also a way for them to connect with the Woodlawn community. Looks like we’ll have to spend a Monday night.

Agan and Williams are excited to sell merchandise at The Wood such as vintage shirts, designer hats, and some cute matching kicks. Discover them for all your skateboarding needs or upgrade your wardrobe with these vintage yarns.

Here are all the details.

The history of the building

Musician Dan Sartain and the late Vince Oliver in what was then the Hippodrome.
Musician Dan Sartain and the late Vince Oliver in what was then the Hippodrome. Photo by Sharron Swain for Bham Now

This store previously existed as the late Dan Sartain’s former barber shop, and was a barber shop for 104 years before The Wood. Formerly known as the Hippodrome, the local musician, Dan Sartain, took the opportunity to buy back the premises upon the death of the former owner. A long-time client of the Hippodrome, he has not thought of a better opportunity.

Together with barber Bud Genry, they created a one-chair barber shop called Genry’s to continue the legacy of the racetrack they all knew and loved. When Sartain retired, he kept the store under his name until his death in March 2021.

As this begins a new chapter for 5520 First Ave, Agan and her partners are excited to bring a new vibe and even more smiles to this former barbershop.

Explore Woodlawn

Woodlawn Birmingham - Timber House.
Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now.

With REV Bham’s efforts to bring Woodlawn Street Market to the area and monthlong pop-up shops such as Woodlawn Marketplace, revitalization is becoming real at Woodlawn. With more opportunities for business development and overall growth, good things are definitely in the works.

Agan’s mission is to bring her love of skateboarding to the Woodlawn community. The Wood is a big step in the right direction to get this community involvement.

“I recently started a mission to get a skate park at the Willow Wood Community Center, and it’s called Skate Woodlawn. We will be working with the community to involve local kids in skateboarding as an alternative to team sports and a way to keep kids focused on exercise and neighborhood wellness.

Jason Agan, Co-Founder, The Wood

We look forward to seeing Woodlawn flourish as other initiatives take place.

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