The City of Albertville School System is pleased to announce a new partnership with Marshall Medical Centers and Orthopedic Clinic (TOC) for athletic training, technical education and professional development.

District Superintendent Dr Boyd English said, “The Town of Albertville school system recognizes our leadership role within the wider community. Local community partnerships are at the heart of our identity. The Albertville Advantage – Higher Education: Today, Tomorrow, Together – is more than a slogan. It is an entire community wholeheartedly invested in a stronger community and a better future. It’s about ensuring our students have the best possible educational experience.

In addition to the benefits for the students of Albertville City Schools, this partnership benefits the entire community:

• Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater – gains new onsite trainer, improved access to orthopedic specialists

• Local health system – providing convenient and quality health services

• TOC opens a new facility in Albertville – improved access to diagnostics, several orthopedic specialists in a new facility located in the former Powerhouse Gym building for the city of Albertville

“Marshall Medical Centers welcomes the opportunity to expand our athletic training support for student-athletes in the city of Albertville school system as well as the wider community of Albertville by also providing a support for Sand Mountain Park and the amphitheater, ”said Bill Kirkpatrick, Executive Director of Clinical Services.

Tom Perkins, Sports Medicine Marketing Manager for TOC, added, “It’s a natural partnership. All parties are interested in investing in this community. TOC strives to impact every part of the community in every way.

“Our mission is to dramatically improve the health and economic vitality of the Sand Mountain region, and this partnership greatly contributes to our ability to achieve that goal. We are very excited to establish this partnership and continue to cultivate strong community engagement in improving the mental and medical health of the entire region, ”said Patrick O’Brien, General Manager, Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater (SMPA).

The partnership between the City of Albertville Schools and Marshall Medical Centers in the field of education is certainly not new, but it is an expansion of quality, practical, local service and training. . As a community-owned hospital, Marshall Medical Centers have been dedicated to the care of our community for over 65 years.

“Albertville is proud to see our municipal school system and Sand Mountain Park partner with Marshall Medical Centers and TOC to provide additional and important opportunities to better serve our students, student-athletes and citizens of all walks of life through this relationship. multifaceted. . In addition, we are happy to welcome TOC to our community and we are grateful that they have chosen our city to invest in and land in their new facility. »Hon. Tracy Honea, Mayor of the Town of Albertville.

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