The San Jose Playhouse is set to host The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Sing-Along. The event is rated R because the film involves multiple sexual situations and strong language. There are monthly screenings of the cult classic, performed by Barely Legal Shadow Cast. The concert is scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 5 at 11:30 p.m. at 3Below Theaters & Lounge, 288 So. Second Street, San Jose, CA 95113. There is free validated parking in the City Parking Garage above the theater. Tickets are $17 and include a Rocky Horror “Survival Kit” with the accessories you’ll need for the event. To purchase tickets, click here or call 408.404.7711.

The interactive experiences begin with a pre-show led by our quirky and witty host who welcomes our enthusiastic audience and introduces the interactive elements of each Sing-Along, Quote-Along or Special Event experience. A Fun Pack is included as part of admission to enhance the participation experience. And, extra antics in the movie with even more freebies and props are often part of the fun.

Rocky Horror is a fun and lively experience…but there are a few rules:

The San Jose Playhouse encourages participation, but please do NOT bring rice, water, confetti, water bottles, or lighters. They are not allowed, NO EXCEPTIONS.

“Survival kits”, provided by the producers, are included in admission and contain bubbles, noisemakers, toilet paper, toast, cards and instruction sheets (explaining when to use each item). When using the items included in your Survival Kit, be sure to throw them in the air. Do not throw anything on the cast or screen.

Want a pic with a cast member? Ask – they are all friendly. But no photography is allowed during the film/performance. Costumes are strongly encouraged! Once you arrive at the venue, you will undoubtedly see many people in disguise. Dressing up in a costume from the movie, or one that fits in creatively, is always encouraged! We’ll even get you to present your costume as part of the pre-show festivities…and sometimes we’ll even hold costume contests for great prizes.

Photo credits: Guggenheim Entertainment

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