SALT Bae’s glitzy £ 1,450 steak joint is now one of London’s lowest-rated restaurants.

Its Nusr-Et restaurant in upscale Knightsbridge is listed as 20,491 of the capital’s 23,811 restaurants on TripAdvisor.


London’s Salt Bae restaurant is now one of the lowest ranked in the capitalCredit: social media
Nusr-Et in upscale Knightsbridge has received a string of bad reviews


Nusr-Et in upscale Knightsbridge has received a string of bad reviewsCredit: Getty

It received an average of two out of five stars by “embarrassed” diners on the site, with people berating the overpriced food.

One person wrote this month, “Worse food, worse service. I paid over £ 1,800 for the three of us.

“Poor quality, smelly meat, small portions. Spend £ 50 at the local restaurant instead, it will be better! Never again! Stay away.”

Another added: “Went there as a ‘must visit’ … absolutely shocking service and food.

“They have to rename an ‘Abderdeen steakhouse’ where they charge tourists £ 15 for a steak.

“You’d better go to Hawksmoor and save £ 900 for the same meal but better.

“Or go to the Racecourse Steakhouse where you’ll not only save £ 900 to £ 1,200, but you’ll get Casino Chips as well.”

A third reviewer, Jarvis, wrote: “I travel all over the world for my business and have eaten at many restaurants, but this is the worst yet.

“The ones in LA, Turkey and Dubai are amazing and I cannot recommend them highly enough, but I would never go back to Nusr- and London.

“I had dinner here with associates and felt embarrassed afterwards that I had chosen such a terrible place to dine.

“This place is all hype and no substance miss it or dine at your own risk.”

Nusr-Et is famous for its steaks, which can cost as much as £ 1,450 for a Golden Giant Tomahawk.

Other outrageous items include a Golden Giant strip loin for £ 1,350 and a Golden Burger for £ 100.

But while dozens of visitors criticized the pricey menu and miserable portions, others praised the unique and “exclusive” dining experience.


A positive review reads: “There is an aura around this place and it looks very exclusive from the outside.

“The staff are super attentive from the second you walk in to the second you exit.

“Everything about this place is a theatrical show. You don’t pay the exclusive prices just for meat and chips, you pay for the attention, the whole show.

“For starters we had Special Wagyu Sushi – I can honestly say the best sushi I have had. Incredibly good! Absolutely fantastic experience.”

Another described their meal as “fantastic” and the decor and clientele as “glamorous”.

“It’s popular with the most exclusive and wealthy people in London of Middle Eastern descent, rather than the regular English steak and chip brigade. It really helps uplift the class,” they wrote.

“We just ordered a regular steak not with gold leaf, but even so it was fantastic quality.

“The steak was served and then, just like the amazing Salt Bae does, we sprinkled the salt on the arm and on our steak.

“It was then cut out in a really brilliant way, with energy, passion and dare I say it, sex.”

Salt Bae Рreal name Nusret G̦k̤e Рnow has 28 restaurants to his name and he is currently in Saudi Arabia overseeing the opening of his latest venue.

The Sun has contacted Nusret Gökçe and the London restaurant for comment.

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Social media star is known for her flamboyant salt-dusting techniqueCredit: Refer to caption
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