Work in view for the sports facilities in Cesena, which will soon be affected by specific restructuring and redevelopment interventions with reference to the Hippodrome gymnasium and the A5 football field in Ruffio. “During the year – comments the adviser for sport and public works Christian Castorri – we start work on several fronts, from road infrastructure to various maintenance on public buildings. Among these, there is a programming plan defined with the aim of preserving the structures and adapting them to the regulations in force, and which in some cases includes redevelopment and restoration works, and in others, expansion of existing areas, as happened in Borello and Vigne. This is the case of the project approved by the municipal council, and corresponding to a total investment of 170 thousand euros, which will soon affect Palaippo and the Ruffio field ”. “The findings and investigations carried out by the Sports Building office – continues the Advisor – have taken into account, for the gymnasium, the requests formulated by sports clubs and school directors, who have highlighted the need to proceed improvements, and real maintenance needs of the two structures ”.

Therefore, on the basis of the needs identified, on the basis of the technical and economic feasibility project, in the Ippodromo gymnasium (PalaIppo) we will proceed with the construction of the shockproof sound-absorbing false ceiling comprising the support structure and the lower and upper double hooks. at panels, and other minor work. Regarding the A5 football field in Ruffio, on the other hand, the construction of a new homologated synthetic turf surface is planned, replacing the current one, replacing the fence.