Creativity took center stage last weekend at the 94th Annual Hippodrome, one of Wichita State’s oldest traditions.

The Hippodrome has been a celebration of the arts and creative talents since it first appeared in 1928. Back then, Wichita State University organizations were invited to participate in a stunt competition, the winner received a prize ten dollars.

Kappa Kappa Gamma and Phi Delta Theta mixed Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs and Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. The suits have won them several awards, including the first place.

The racetrack has only been canceled twice in its history, once during World War II and most recently in 2020 during COVID-19.

Graduate assistant Jordan Urban said in a previous interview with The Sunflower that anticipation was growing for this year’s performance after two years of not being able to perform in person.

“Hippodrome has only been canceled twice in the past, once for WWII and another for COVID-19, so we’re excited to return to the live event,” Urban said. “Last year’s racetrack cancellation impacted this year’s event, but we’re delighted to be back in person with safety measures in place.”

Last year, while having a different format and an online transfer, the event was still able to take place. The 94th annual show was this Friday, April 8, and the first in-person show since 2019.The event included props, tons of fun jokes, and a packed audience.

Freshman Isabella Rowden attended the event at the last minute to write in an assignment for her freshman seminar. Out of all the bands and skits, his favorite was a beautiful piano solo played by Rohit Rameshwaram between skits.

“The guy playing the piano was my favorite,” Rowden said. “It was a lovely song. I took out my phone and recorded everything to send to my mum so she could hear it too.

Members of Gamma Phi Beta sorority and members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity have joined forces to reenact Horton Hears a Who.

Delta Upsilon brought their sketch Diary of a Wimpy Kid to life. From Fregly’s presentation to the attitude control of Greg Heffley and Rowley in general. Their comedy skit earned them fourth place in the competition.

Members of Tri Delta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon featured a mix of The Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, The Lorax, and The Cat in the Hat.

Delta Gamma and Sigma Phi Epsilon performed their own fun take on The Magic Treehouse.

The evening ended with teams with trophies in their hands and smiles on their faces. The organizers look forward to the years to come.

“While we’ve made some changes to the event from past Hippodrome events, we’re excited for the future of the event. I look forward to seeing all the student talent at WSU and j can’t wait for them to share it with the campus and the community,” Urban said in a previous interview.

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