Here’s another reason you’ll want to visit the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania soon: the area is getting a massive new entertainment center with a 10,000-seat amphitheater.

From the Roots, a property development and venue management company, announced the acquisition and redesign of the site formerly known as Mt. Lauren Performing Arts Center, which sits on 52 acres of land and has no not been used for over a decade.

The new destination, about 90 minutes from Manhattan, will also have a 400-seat theater and will be called Poconos Park.

Given the scale of the project, visitors can expect Poconos Park to host a variety of events and productions, from weddings and corporate retreats to music festivals, theater productions and more.

Photograph: Courtesy of From the Roots

As for the lineup, the park is set to kick off with a “boutique festival” later this year, but it’s the amphitheater that grabs the attention.

Although the Poconos Park Amphitheater is an outdoor facility, it could be converted into a fully enclosed 2,600-seat venue for year-round performances by closing its “airplane hangar-style doors,” according to a official statement. “We can close the doors and turn on the air conditioning for a cool summer show or turn up the heat in the winter and have Nutcracker“said John M. Oakes, CEO and founder of From the Roots, in a press release.

The Lakehouse at Poconos Park, meanwhile, will house a 10,000 square foot banquet hall that can accommodate up to 400 people at a time while overlooking a beautiful 90-acre lake.

“We’re focusing on people in the greater area who have the ability, from a car or motorcycle standpoint, to get around and want to get away for a weekend,” Oakes said. at Billboard. “We are setting up partnerships and room blocks with various hotels and campgrounds and timeshare communities in the area so that we can be part of the Poconos tourist weekend destination for getting out of town.”

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Just imagining Harry Styles, Madonna, Elton John and Beyonce on that huge stage fills us with wonder and excitement. We can’t wait to see the types of programs that will be put together on site.

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