JACKSON, Tenn. – A local organization is building playhouses to raise funds for affordable housing in the area.

This is the first Playhouse Build for Habitat for Humanity in partnership with the Bank of Jackson.

As you pass the Blacksmith Restaurant in downtown Jackson, on the side of the road, you’ll find eight gambling dens created by members of the community.

“We have a local team, corporate sponsors and businesses in the area to build these homes to show and represent affordable housing, but also just to have fun with the kids in the area,” said Britton Crenshaw, d ‘Habitat for Humanity.

Crenshaw says the houses are not just built for kids to play, but for residents to bid to bring one home, while also raising money for affordable housing.

“So they’re probably building since mid-April, mid-May to bring them together, so they put them together on their own schedule, and we have to film them while they do that,” Crenshaw said.

The organizers will close the fundraiser with a big party.

“June 5th is our celebratory event to close our Playhouse Build, our auction and our online voting, but we also have Caleb Minter coming in and doing a concert for us. So it’s a benefit concert that will take place at 8:00 pm at the Hub City Brew, ”said Andrea Hudgins, Habitat for Humanity.

For more information on building Playhouse, click here.