CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -Multi-million dollar project is coming to Rock Hill.

The city and a development company are joining forces to create a new space for work and leisure. They innovated Thursday.

The $ 60 million project is supposed to have playgrounds, an amphitheater, and open space for people to enjoy.

This project aims to combine the three Rs – residential, commercial and restaurant – into one space for the enjoyment of people.

There will also be a huge parking lot that could have a pedestrian bridge over Dave Lyle Boulevard.

This new project is part of the Knowledge Park Action Plan.

The action plan aims to revitalize the city center up to Winthrop University.

“We take this facility and make sure we create opportunities for all Rock Hill residents to enjoy all the prosperity and opportunity that exists here,” said Rock Hill Mayor John Gettys.

Stroll through Old Town Rock Hill and you can’t help but see the tall buildings surrounding Main Street, but the Rock Hill Herald building stands out.

“I remember many years coming to this site and getting copies of old paper,” Gettys said.

The building has been around for decades and empty for a few years.

The faded letters spelling out Herald and the memorabilia people hold are what remains of the now crumbling building.

“There are a lot of people in Rock Hill who grew up in the Herald if you will, or at least who read the Herald like me. We still do, but in a digital world you don’t need a facility like this, ”Gettys said.

So the facility is being demolished, but in its place, something, according to the town of Rock Hill, will be as good for people as paper.

“We have to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to afford to live downtown,” Gettys said. “Work downtown and live downtown. To play downtown.

This is where White Point co-founder Jay Levell said his company wanted to step in, seeing the vision despite being in Charlotte.

“It’s a no-brainer,” Levell said.

Levell says the booming downtown has plenty of places to work and even more places to play. While those two things will happen for the ride, Levell says his business is focused on filling a void: living space.

“It’s really about taking what’s here, it’s the hole in the donut, and accentuating everything around it,” he said.

The schedule for this project is expected to begin in approximately 30 days with the refurbishment of the building. The entire project is expected to be completed in 2024.

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