Darren Seed as Dog, Simon Yadoo as Bob Burrows, John Winchester as Frog in Oi Frog & Friends! Photo: Pamela Raith Photography

Those of you familiar with the fantastic book series by Kes Gray (who I assume is sitting on hay) and Jim Field (who is probably sitting on a shield) will know that I haven’t lost my mind , but I’m actually trying to do my best impression of representing the essence of Oi Frog!

So please bear with this reviewer as I’m sitting on a skewer.

Those of us who were in the theater before the scheduled start time were treated to some audience participation as actors walked through the crowd, taking names and offering ‘rhyming seats’ – although I’m not sure how much Gary Barlow will appreciate when he learns he’s now a seat for Arlo.

Although the decor seems simple at first, we quickly understand how many tricks the actors (who luckily didn’t have to sit on a mast) were able to extract from it, aided by superb lighting and sound.

The costumers (rightly seated a little more comfortably on recliners) had also done a fabulous job with all the animals, especially the dog.

As always with these children’s books turned into TV shows or theatrical productions, I’m amazed at how the scriptwriters (sitting on firefighters) find a story to stretch them out for an hour without ever feeling tortured, repetitive or suffering from pain. a lull.

This was helped by the excellent performers (seated on leg warmers), who regularly swapped parts – doing a different voice with each one and remembering who they should be!

Oi Frog’s problem is that he doesn’t want to be sitting on a log because everything is wonky and giving him splinters, although the Sittingbottom school rhyme rules – enforced by the cat (sitting on a carpet ) – insist that he must.

From there a hilarious power struggle ensues between the frog and the cat which had me laughing with my wife and our three children (no rhyme here as they barely sat down they enjoyed it so much) screaming from laugh.

So whether you know the book or not, don’t sit on the fence (they have shards too), consider this a great time for parents and kids.

Now, readers, I think it’s time for this critic to rise!

O Frog! & Friends continues at Birmingham Hippodrome until Sunday May 29. Tickets (for regular theater seats, no matter your name or species) are still available.

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