Regeneration of the city and the region

Cultural buildings bring communities together and can be a key economic driver for local regions. Our place designers regularly work on early master planning projects using cultural sustainability concepts to shape strategies for the provision of arts and culture in cities.

The Shakespeare North project has been a catalyst for the regeneration of the town of Prescot, the surrounding borough of Knowsley and the wider Merseyside region. In the mid-2010s the borough was recognized as the second most deprived in England and as a result the new location was identified as a key feature in the government’s 2016 ‘Northern Powerhouse’ budget.

We worked with Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Helm Architecture and Austin-Smith:Lord to develop the theater brief. Together we have defined a unique building that strikes a balance between authenticity, adaptability and relevance, helping to attract tourism, support practical historical research and provide a welcoming and accessible space for the local community.

We held consultation workshops with key stakeholders: community arts organizations, national theater companies, academic researchers and education partners to ensure that the design of the venue met their varied needs and provided a distinctive and valuable asset in the rich creative context of the Greater Liverpool City Region.