The new Dudley University Park is well received by most of the Autonomous Regions, but the National Theater Organization calls it ‘disappointment’.

The old Dudley Racecourse at Castle Hill will be demolished to make way for millions of pounds of higher education after the Dudley Council secured £ 25million to support the plan.

However, campaigners wanted the racetrack to play an important role in Dudley’s rebirth.

The Theaters Trust said it was a “missed opportunity” and that it would work with the council to “claim the city’s theatrical offering”.

Claire Appleby, architectural advisor at Theaters Trust, believed the Hippodrome could provide 1,500 capacities for live performances.

“With a delicate and compassionate design, we could have formed a new gateway to Dudley sitting with the Odeon Cinema on the other side, reinventing the streets of the 1930s,” Claire said. I did.

“The Dudley Metropolitan Autonomous Region Council is currently considering many other plans within the Autonomous Region, but none of them compare to the Hippodrome.

“As a private theater with a flying tower, the renovated Hippodrome can present a variety of shows and provide entertainment facilities that are sorely lacking in the city.

“Nothing replaces the memory and the stimulating atmosphere inherent in historic buildings like the Hippodrome. These cannot be reproduced.

“He missed the opportunity to redesign the building designed by local architect Archibald Hurley Robinson, who has a strong theatrical history and has completed over 30 theaters in the West Midlands. Many of them have been lost. Hippodrome is its unique presence. Theater only.

“When we are faced with a climate emergency it is our duty to seek sustainable solutions and the project must take into account lifelong carbon assessments, including the effects of demolition. ..

“We have confirmed elsewhere that the calculated carbon cost of dismantling and replacing can be double that of mods. The carbon cost of dismantling and rebuilding the racetrack must be recognized.

Dudley Hippodrome has been a member of the Theater Risk Register of Theaters Trust since 2010.

National Theater groups say dismantling of Dudley Racecourse is “sorry”

National Theater groups say dismantling of Dudley Racecourse is “sorry”