BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – A local undocumented student draws inspiration from his migration story for his directorial debut at the Stars Playhouse this weekend.

Ivan Mendoza is undocumented, originally from Mexico, a theater student… and he has talent. His passion for theater and the arts transcends borders and continues to grow every day. He fled violence in Mexico with his family and found refuge in the United States, but like any immigrant story, he did not find a warm welcome or an easier life.

“I find beauty in the darkness and cruelty that we have endured in life,” Mendoza said. “Just because of my history itself, the way I lost one of my sisters, the way I had to flee to America, the way my father himself treated me.”

Amid the difficult life of navigating the American public school system, Ivan found himself refusing to represent the Pledge of Allegiance in an art class. This act of unconscious rebellion led him to acting lessons and from there he realized it was his thing.

“I’m not a Shakespeare person,” Mendoza said. “But what inspires my art is life, life itself.”

Her own life inspires the staging of her next show “My Mañana Comes” (Elizabeth Irwin). Located in the kitchen of an Upper East Side restaurant in New York City, four busboys bend over shifts, pray for tips, and cling to dreams of life beyond their lackluster jobs at home. back of the house.

A story that not everyone knows but that they hope others will understand.

“The emotions of life, the emotions that everyone has,” Mendoza said. “Because even though we speak different languages, you might not understand my words, but if I express a feeling to you with my body, you will understand the feeling.” “

‘My Mañana Comes’ opens Friday, November 14 at the Stars Playhouse. For more information on the show or to purchase tickets, visit