Sept. 22 — Sept. 22, 1921


Klamath Falls, Ore., September 22. – Last night, six prisoners escaped from the police station jail as a result of sawing off the door lock from the outside. Two prisoners held for misdemeanor refused to leave.

Sheriff Lows departed today for Weed, Calif., To ward off fugitives allegedly seen going in that direction in an automobile reportedly provided to them.

Officers accused friends of Capener of contributing to the escape in order to prevent him from disclosing information regarding the operations of a suspected liquor ring.

Seven inmates escaped from the same prison on June 7, cutting through the bars of the women’s division.

The escapees are:

Ed Jones, wanted for theft, 19. Prominent teeth, soldier’s uniform and cap.

Tom Capener, 20 years old. Thin and clear complexion. Moonlight.

Jack Jareieh, thief, 20 years old. Dark sunken eyes, hunched shoulders.

Geo. Reynold, wanted for theft, 25. Red hair and bushy.

BA Watson, burglary, 33. Mustache of sand; seems sickly.


Little doggies and big elephants, cute ponies and beautiful white ringed horses, little riders in sequins and pink silk and Hanneford “Poodles”, grotesques in voluminous evening clothes, dancing, tumbling, tumbling, sprawling on their backs, necks , tail and under the barrel of his racing stallion. Of course, the circus is full of contrasts. And the Sells-Floto circus is always looking for more contrasts, more variety. This is why the New York Racecourse; the Codonas, from the Spanish circus Pubillones; the Nelsons, the Japanese Outaouais, the Hamido Madri Arabs and dozens of other characteristics.

All of these acts and more, of course, will arrive in Medford on Saturday, September 24th.

The performances open this year with a spectacular extravaganza of disconcerting beauty, “The Birth of the Rainbow”, in which 1,000 people and 400 animals appear in expensive clothing and adornments. The groupings and effects of this kaleidoscopic spectacle are as unusual as they are beautiful. Dozens of ballet girls participate.

– Alissa Corman; [email protected]

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