The footage was revealed after a former member of staff approached the RSPCA about dog welfare at Paws Playhouse in Tomlinson Road.

In the video, a spaniel appears to be grabbed by its collar, dragged back across the floor, and deposited inside an enclosed area away from other dogs.

Former staff member Robyn Connell said she filmed the incident earlier this month after growing concerned about dog handling at the Leyland business.

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Footage appears to show a spaniel being dragged across the floor by its collar at Paws Playhouse in Leyland

Paws Playhouse owner Lee Parkinson acknowledged the video “didn’t look great” but said the dog needed to be quickly removed from a situation “for his own comfort”.

The RSPCA has concluded its investigation and confirmed that it will not take any action against Mr Parkinson or Paws Playhouse.

Robyn, who left the day after the video was recorded, said: “I quit because I couldn’t bear to watch the way these dogs were treated. I went home that night and I completely cracked up.”

After showing the footage to her friend, local dog walker Katie-Louise Blundell, the couple agreed to raise their concerns with the RSPCA.

Paws Playhouse owner Lee Parkinson acknowledged the video “didn’t look great” but said the dog needed to be quickly removed from a situation “for his own comfort”.

“We felt we had a duty to report our concerns and educate current and future customers,” said Katie, 25, who worked at Paws Playhouse as a volunteer before launching her dog-walking service.

“We’re not trying to ruin anyone’s business,” she added, “we just want those who have dogs at Paws Playhouse to see what we’ve seen and make their own informed decision. of cause.

“The video doesn’t lie and no one can try to say it was taken out of context. This is just one of many incidents we witnessed during our time there,” Katie claims.

“I would like to know if my dog ​​was present and I think other dog owners should be able to make their own choice after watching the video.”

The footage has been handed over to the RSPCA and inspectors visited Paws Playhouse this week to speak to owner Lee Parkinson.

You can watch the footage in our video player above.

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The charity said it had concluded its investigation and confirmed it would not take any action against Mr Parkinson or Paws Playhouse.

A spokesperson for the charity said: ‘The RSPCA takes reports of animal welfare concerns very seriously, but we can only act where the law has been broken.

“This means that action can only be taken if an independent veterinarian reviews the evidence and confirms that an animal is in pain or where the law has been broken.

“In some cases, issues will be addressed through advice and education and it is not always appropriate to release this information for legal reasons.

“Unfortunately, we are unable to discuss complaints about specific individuals and any action that may have been taken.”

What did Paws Playhouse say about the video?

Owner Lee Parkinson said the video “didn’t look great”, but insists the clip was “taken out of context”.

He added that the dog in the video belongs to his cousin who has defended Lee and his handling of Cora, who she describes as a “hyper spaniel.”

He told the Post, “As always, there are two sides to every story and it seems like an attempt to smear our hard-earned reputation in our community.

“I’ll be honest, the video doesn’t look great. But what you don’t see in the clip is two other dogs trying to mount her.

“She was removed by her collar from the situation and placed in another area for her own comfort.

“As she did this she began to squirm and twist. We had to act quickly but at no time was she harmed.”

The dog’s owner, Anita Parkinson, said she had ‘no worries’ about Cora’s well-being at Paws Playhouse.

She said: “Cora is a super complete Springer Spaniel and I’m not worried about her safety.

“It’s not a case for the RSPCA and never will be. She is adored at daycare and loves going there and will continue to do so.”

When screenshots of the video appeared online, Mr Parkinson faced a backlash on social media.

He said he feared for his safety after receiving threatening messages and was afraid to walk his dogs in the area for fear of being attacked.

He said: “Some of the messages we received after the photos were posted online were chilling.

“People were threatening to do all kinds of horrible things, we were really worried.”

Lee also feared his business was “over” after his former staff accused him of abusing the dogs in his care.

He said: “When I first saw the video I thought, that’s it, we’re done. I didn’t think anyone would come back to us after that.

“But after speaking with our regulars and explaining what really happened, we managed to reassure people.

“We’ve lost four customers so far, but I expected it to be much worse.”

Lee said he hoped the outcome of the RSPCA’s investigation would help vindicate him and reassure anyone affected by the video.

He said: “We want to assure everyone that the dogs at Paws Playhouse are our number one priority and the only reason we opened the daycare five years ago is the love and care we have for the dogs.”

An RSPCA spokesman added: “We are very grateful to people who report suspected animal suffering to us and would like to reassure people that we will always look into and, if necessary, investigate any complaints that come to us about animal welfare.

“Anyone who has concerns about dog day care in their local community can also raise their concerns with their local authority, which licenses such premises in England.”

South Ribble Borough Council has been approached.

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