Although the construction of the outer harbor amphitheater has been approved, questions from the community persist. This project is too big and expensive ($ 13 million) for mistakes and regrets.

Will the theater site be damaged after being directly affected by a severe storm on Lake Erie? Especially an ice storm? How will the traffic flow to and from the site?

The shore of Lake Erie is “an important birding area” according to the federal government because it is part of the North American Migratory Bird Corridor. How will these birds be affected by theater? For example, the wild vegetation of the outer harbor will be crushed by the cars which circulate and park there. This plant life helps support migratory birds (most of them nocturnal), butterflies, small creatures, ground nests, and insects for shelter and food. This property is rich in the intricacies of nature, different from the makeup of Times Beach. Neither should be “for sale”. And this plant life is part of the atmosphere and the pleasure of nature lovers. There is a critical conflict of interest here.

Why will millions of public dollars be spent on this theater when private funding is planned for another waterfront concert hall at LaSalle Park? In addition to parking at LaSalle, there would also be a paved parking lot behind the Erie Basin Marina. Could the $ 13 million be spent on a water fountain near the Peace Bridge as a warm and welcoming attraction for visitors? Buffalo is a major entry point into our country.