It had been a long time since many of us had enjoyed the smell of hot buttered popcorn when we walked into a movie theater on a hot summer evening. To some, the salt and crunch of a bag of popcorn is arguably just as important to a movie buff as the movies themselves. While the pandemic has accustomed many of us to staying at home and safely enjoying streaming entertainment, the popcorn we make at home often lacks that “je ne sais quoi” that seems to be. unique to that served in movie theaters.

As restrictions cautiously lift, the Kamsack Playhouse Theater, located at 566 1st Street, offers a way to reconnect residents with this precious, popcorn-infused movie experience. In order to raise funds following a devastating financial blow of more than a year of forced shutdowns, the local theater will be selling this signature popcorn from its concession every Friday evening, starting July 9 at 6:30 p.m.

The money raised from sales of popcorn will be used to make up for debt caused by the long shutdown, restocking theater and concession supplies, and renting new films once regulations are lifted enough to accommodate a safe public.

The council is currently appealing to local businesses and individuals who can afford to support the long-standing theater through donations. The Kamsack Theater, which has been in operation since 1948, is a rare feature – there aren’t many in small towns across Canada. The theater gave area residents a taste of the real cinematic experience without having to travel to a big city for a night out. In the 1980s, the theater became a thriving arts center, integrating theatrical performances and concerts. Now, as the theater struggles to recover from its most devastating setback in its 73-year history, it will be up to residents of the region to show their support through participation and donations in order to breathe new life into an ancient local treasure.