THRILLER: The Cat and the Canary is in Darlington

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The cat and the canary

Darlington Racecourse

SIX distant relatives gather in a creaky old mansion to find out who is about to find out who will inherit Cyrus West’s fortune.

The meeting was called with strict instructions by the lawyer – at midnight 20 years after his death.

There begins a night of murder, mystery, intrigue and suspense. The Cat and the Canary Written by John Willard, Adapted by Carl Grose and Directed by Roy Marsden with Bill Kenwright’s Classic Thriller Theater Company.

This cast certainly has a star quality throughout. As a longtime housekeeper, Mrs. Pleasant, Brit Ekland, mumbles about the evil in the house and talks to random ghosts as she greets guests in the mansion.

Crosby, lawyer Eric Carte, takes care of the proceedings until his disappearance. The main guests hoping for their fortune appear with Marti Webb as Susan, Ben Nealon as Charlie, Priyasasha Kumari as Cicily, Gary Webster as Harry, Tracy Shaw as Annabelle and Antony Costa as Paul.

These are Tracy Shaw and Antony Costa who produce exceptional performances.

Antony Costa starts off as a hesitant goofy jerk, but he builds the character perfectly towards the conclusion. Tracy Shaw is just a pleasure to watch throughout. It may have been written almost 100 years ago, but it looks incredibly fresh. It made me guess until the end.

With an incredible cast, this mysterious thriller is a perfect thriller.

Andrew Harrison