Audiences were brought to life when the iconic and unforgettable song from one of the best films of all time opened the show as Grease The Musical performed on stage at Bristol Racecourse.

The Pink Ladies joined the boys at Burger Palace as Grease returned to the stage with an exceptional song and dance collaboration that had the crowd standing and singing for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

It’s 1959 at Rydell High and the guys and girls are back in school and getting ready for the Halloween ball. Danny, Kenickie and the Burger Palace Boys are joined by Sandy, Rizzo and the rest of the Pink Ladies in this old romantic classic about first love and teen lessons.

The production was fantastic from start to finish. The extremely talented cast conveyed the much-loved characters to perfection, Ellie Kingdon wowed Sandy and Dan Partridge as Burger Palace boys frontman Danny Zuko was phenomenal, but the portrayal of Elliot Gooch as the lovable thug. Kenickie – was the outstanding performance.

It’s also worth a nod to the brilliant duo of Maeve Byrne and Josh Barnett as Roger and Jan – their voice on “mooning” a song for the stage, not the movie – was ironically – one of the best performances. vocals of the night.

Sophisticated footwork and melodic renditions of familiar songs made for a fantastic evening at Bristol Racecourse. Firm Favorites – You’re the one I want, desperately devoted and Greased Lightning made Bristol audiences rock and sing throughout the production.

Peter Andre, an epic cast as Teen Angel and Vince Fontaine, stole the show – his voice still sounds the same as “The box” in the ’90s.

The audience clearly agreed, showing their utter joy at the idol’s presence, roaring whenever the Mysterious Girl singer appeared on stage. Her take on Grease’s favorite BeautySchool Dropout was one of the happiest parts of the show.

Peter Andre, joined by the boys from Burger Palace and the Pink Ladies, gathered the entire audience, the students of Rydell High, as the curtain began to fall.

All in all, the show is a total success, an extremely talented cast only complemented by fantastic choreography by Arlene Phillips, a brilliant orchestral demonstration and a huge production set that transports you back to 1959.

But it has to be said, aside from the songs that anyone could join in with, the pink ladies and T-birds in the audience banging and cheering on summer nights, the crowd roar when the Greased Lightning in full size actual rolled on stage – the best parts of the production were the undeniably enthusiastic, perfectly timed and energetic dances that lit up the stage throughout the show – even until the very last second when Kenickie jumped out to the side exit .

Fat is definitely still the word.