Despite the absence of many Victorians, Hort Connections 2021 was greeted by attendees who attended the event.

Held at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Center on June 8-9 Hort Connections was by far the largest horticultural industry event on the Australian calendar with over 1,200 people in attendance.

In a sort of departure from the traditional format of a continuous plenary session in an adjacent audotorium, the organizers provided a stage in the trade show for speakers to address the crowd that has often swelled to seats. standing only after all seats have been taken.


Outgoing Ausveg General manager James Whiteside said the event had an even higher focus this year.

“It was more important for the industry to meet and reconnect this year than ever before after the unprecedented challenges over the past 18 months due to the pandemic, and it was nice that so many people could come together, celebrate industry success and provide support to their peers and colleagues, ”Mr. Whiteside said.

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