The show lasts just over an hour and features 15 songs from iconic Broadway musicals. The show will feature artists from Capitol Theater Company, Beatrice Community Players, Lofte Community Theater, Pinewood Performing Arts, Lincoln East High School, Nebraska Wesleyan and OmniArts, as well as Playhouse and TADA Productions.

“I always love the camaraderie between theaters,” Rook said. “That’s good because it takes away that stigma that all the theaters are out there on their own, when in reality we all do a lot of networking together.”

Comedian Patton Oswalt to play the Lied Center

And that brings us back to that pesky earworm, which, truth be told, could be worse. The song that got stuck in my head – this weekend’s finale, a beautiful piece from the Broadway musical “Rent” – is a much better fate than, say, that Kars4Kids radio jingle stuck in your noggin.

“Five hundred and twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes …”

These lyrics, written about the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, illustrate how things can change so much in one year – 525,600 minutes. It’s incredibly poignant, given the past 18 months where another epidemic has cost us so many social interactions and too many missed opportunities.