Gombrowicz’s diary

The diary of Gombrowicz (Dzienniki) adaptation and staging by Mikolaj Grabowski

Even on religious holidays, the theater is very active in Poland. The Imka Theater (200 seats) presents an adaptation of Witold Gombrowicz’s Diary, a major work of modern Polish literature. This journal, written from 1953 to 1969, the year of the author’s death, was first published in the Polish anti-communist magazine Kultura and published in France.
This work of a lifetime is fierce and critical with politics, literature, religion, music and many more. Poland itself is the object of sarcastic humor; as he writes in his diary in 1955: “Of this vain, proud and self-possessed Pole, try to make a being who is acutely aware of his insufficient and temporary character. And from this clear and lucid vision, from this categorical refusal to hide its weaknesses, make a force. For that, it would have been necessary to undertake a heartbreaking revision and not only to renew our attitude towards Polish history and art, but also to completely revise our traditional conception of patriotism by basing it on a truly new foundation “.
As is often the case with the actors of the Eastern countries, the game is very committed and very fair. address photo.jpg to the audience is frequent in this staging which, in an ironic tone, alludes to the current Polish news. We are delighted to discover Magdalena Cielecka, a well-known actress in Poland and known for her French stage since she has appeared in almost all the productions of Krzysztof Warlikowski.
Here, unlike the staging of Kristoff Warlikowski or Krystian Lupa that we saw in France , the scenography is minimalist: nude stage and furniture on wheels brought by the actors according to the scenes. The excerpts of this diary are interspersed with musical breaks including tangos (Gombrowicz lived 24 years in Argentina), choreographed or sung.
The show now belongs to the repertoire of the Imka theater, and is therefore regularly repeated during the seasons, a practice that is common in Poland and Russia as the theaters have a core of permanent actors. If you go to Warsaw, do not hesitate to discover this theater whose repertoire is rich. There is in Poland a true love of the theater, and that it is the generations: it is integral part of the culture of any inhabitant of the cities, unlike our Hexagon …

Jean Couturier

Imka Theater in Warsaw

Jean Couturier

At the Imka theater repertoire in Warsaw www.teatr-imka.pl


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