Oct. 31—GREENSBURG — Players forward and center will soon take the stage at the Tree County Players Playhouse on W. Main Street.

“Let’s go surfing now…Surfing the channels, that is!” is currently in rehearsal at the Playhouse. The one-hour sketch-based show will be presented at 7 p.m. on November 4 and 5. Tickets are free, but places are limited.

Comprised of skits and sight gags, it’s a chance for a creative cast of actors with different abilities to soak up the laughter and applause.

“Our first rehearsal is usually just one big brainstorming session,” said event organizer Jenny Maddux.

During this discussion, TV theme songs of yesteryear became the topic and, according to Maddux, the show was born!

Front and Center actors, post-pandemic, have shifted their central cause to inclusion. Previously just directors and animators, the “staff” of Front and Center Players have become an integral part of the action on stage.

“That way it’s more of a collaborative effort,” Maddux said.

Even though the show relies heavily on slapstick and visual gags, every time they take the stage, these part-time comedians play their roles well. And like all theatrical groups, there is at least one prima donna, more than a few clowns, and more than a few shy and reserved ingenues.

It is this kind of diversity that makes the theater vibrate!

“It gives them a way to express themselves through the arts that might not be possible if we didn’t have this show every year,” Maddux said.

The forward and center players are sponsored by the Decatur County ARC and use of the facility is a donation from the Tree County players.

To learn more about ARC or to make a donation, go to www.thearcofdecaturcounty.org/.

For more information on Tree County Players, visit www.treecountyplayers.com/.

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