Waswasa-Whispers in Prayer is the latest Birmingham Festival 2022 experience opening the window to the world of Islamic prayer. Taking place at Birmingham Hippodrome in August, artist Mohammed Ali promises it will be a memorable theatrical performance.

The experience explores the deep caverns of Islamic prayer in an immersive experience blending art, music and movement. Organizers hope it will offer new insight into faith for non-Muslims, it also aims to highlight expressions of faith while challenging negative perceptions of Islam and the Muslim community.

The public can also see up close a replica of the famous Birmingham Quran, believed to be one of the world’s oldest manuscripts dating from the 6th or 7th century.

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Waswasa is the Arabic word used to describe distractions from prayer. Those behind performance believe that in these busy, tech-driven times, many seek that impossible “state of flow” through the gym, mediation, or yoga, but still fail because life is just too busy.

Members of the public are invited to help build Waswasa by taking part in a series of events at the Soul City Arts studio in Sparkbrook. These events encourage Muslim and non-Muslim groups to write their true prayers, hopes and dreams on special prayer mats which will be displayed in the Waswasa show.

Wawasa-Whispers in a Prayer at Birmingham Festival 2022

Hundreds of prayer rugs are created in a special space for meaningful conversations about food and entertainment. Soul City Arts Artistic Director Mohammed Ali MBE said: “We are extremely proud to have had this opportunity at Birmingham Festival 2022 to explore the concept of Islamic prayer, something we have wanted to do for some time. time and celebrate our voice in Waswasa, an uplifting cultural experience that welcomes everyone.

“We hope this immersive multidisciplinary theatrical performance at Birmingham Hippodrome will give audiences a window into the Islamic world and in some way bring communities together. Gratitude goes to the B2022 team led by Martin Green for us for commissioning and supporting us in this epic project allowing us to tell this story which we hope will inspire, educate, surprise and entertain our audience.

“Thank you also to our partners at Birmingham Hippodrome, University of Birmingham, University of Warwick and Guidhall Live Events, part of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama.”

Waswasa will run for ten days at Birmingham Hippodrome from August 25 to September 3 with tickets from £8, the show £15 and the ride £8. The show is for everyone from 11 years old and lasts 50 minutes, with a maximum of 50 spectators.

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