An Evanescence fan shared a funny story on Reddit about how she ended up taking over a local radio station in 2004.

From u / losvestidosrojos, “In 2004, I won a DJ competition at the easy-to-listen radio station in my tiny hometown. I started playing an hour of deep cuts from Evanescence and ruined everyone’s morning commute. She even shared a photo of herself in a studio.

This very funny but brief story has been commented on by many Reddit users with one user writing, “It’s the ‘deep cuts’ part that made me laugh for a good minute. You weren’t even trying to woo people by going with the firecrackers, straight to your obscure favorites. Brilliant. “

Another user commented: “I love that not only did you pick a band that wouldn’t play on the station (like any kid this age would), but you didn’t want to. to change it. End to end evanescence. u / losvestidosrojos replied, “Lol, I remember they asked me politely at one point if there was anything in the catalog of the station that I would like to play. I got the hint and moved on a bit to Cat Stevens because that’s what my dad was listening to.

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