Trouble: A Calamity Adventure airs in two parts, June 1 and June 15, on Open-Door Playhouse, a podcast that showcases the works of playwrights you should be introduced to.

Trouble: A Calamity Adventure is a radio play (or sound film, if you prefer), thriller with full score (TEN original songs), sound effects, comedy and danger.

Calamity is an all-female acoustic band based in San Diego. They describe their music (accurately) as “folk rock with a hint of country pop”. Band members include Catherine Barnes, Cathryn Beeks, Patric Petrie, Marcia Claire and Nisha Catron.

The women are hired to perform a gig at a Vegas club, so they load up their truck and head to Sin City. During the show, their cell phones are all stolen and their truck is disabled, possibly by a romantic rival of one of the ladies. They accept a ride offer from a promoter. During a break during a stop in the desert, he attempts to assault one of the women but is killed. Afraid of being charged with murder, the gang fled in their vehicle. Running out of resources, one of the musicians impulsively robs a convenience store. Now the group is heading towards the Mexican border with the police in pursuit. What will be the ultimate fate of the group?

You can hear Trouble and an archive of other pieces at

Trouble will also be available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

Trouble: A Calamity Adventure is written and produced by Catherine Barnes. She is a drummer, percussionist, comedian, songwriter, and theater artist who has worked undercover as a middle school drum teacher in San Diego, California for the past eight years. She likes to take all those things in life that make you want to crawl under something and die…and turn them into fun, percussion-filled songs. His previous award-winning pieces include International Man of Mystery and Yes, No, Maybe So.

Trouble is a Queen Mab Music production sponsored by the San Diego Troubador, a music publication. Trouble is recorded by Ernesto Garcia Jr., edited by Cathryn Beeks and narrated by Claudia Russell. It stars Catherine Barnes, Cathryn Beeks, Patric Petrie, Marcia Claire and Nisha Catron. Total running time: 75 minutes.

The Calamity band got into trouble on a road trip. But you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the musical delights of Trouble without leaving your home. And you should. Your ears will thank you for it.