The audience is greeted by a large pile of shoe boxes on the stage which will be used to build a city, important places for the people we are talking about and especially the houses of Preston Street where they live. Simple, effective and with surprising effects.

With great empathy, Björn Lönner captivates the audience with the monologue about Tom who believes it is predestined that he meets a Sara and shares the rest of his life with her. But so far he has failed to properly meet Sara. At 31, he is alone, unemployed and has nothing more to do, but he has not lost hope. One night he wakes up and the clock shows 4:40 am, he goes back to sleep again, wakes up again and the clock is again at 4:40 am. What is happening?

Along with Tom’s story, we hear elements of Carl Sagan’s Gold Records that were sent to space with Voyager 1 and 2, recordings filled with memories, images and other things that people wanted. share with other civilizations in space.

The play makes people laugh and asks the question of what is important and what characterizes us. Are our lives determined by the stars or something even more distant?

While this is the best play ever written I understand that everyone who sees it has their own opinion, but it’s clearly entertaining, thought-provoking, and you can’t help but be impressed by the amount of. text that has been learned and played, therefore strongly.

The Greatest Play in World History is written by Ian Kershaw to his wife Julie Hesmonidhalgh and was first performed in 2018.