Editor’s Note: Fishers City Council member David George released the following statement to the reporter regarding his resignation.


I am announcing my resignation from Fishers City Council. This is due to an increased workload with my day job and an increased number of hours required for constituent services for the residents of my district.

I have been thinking about this decision for most of this year, but I have waited until now so that as a member of the finance committee I can participate in the 2022 budget.

I first sat in the City, now in the City Council for 19 years. Over these years, I am proud that we have worked to bring the community bond rating up from AA to AAA. I also worked a lot on the Nickel Plate amphitheater and our road network. The amphitheater now offers a gathering place for concerts, the farmer’s market or simply to meet.

My training being in civil engineering, I also focused on our road networks and repaving. We have strived to increase our repaving budget from $ 500,000 per year years ago to $ 4-5 million per year now. As our neighborhoods age, repaving projects make them look new.

Finally, I wanted to thank the professionalism of all the staff of the City in particular the police, firefighters and public works who are now accredited at the national level. Thank you.

The former sheriff will seek a place on the council

Former Hamilton County Sheriff Mark Bowen has indicated his intention to fill a vacant Fishers City Council seat held by David George.


Bowen, now captain of the Sheriff’s Department, is responsible for overseeing security at the Hamilton County Judicial Center and the historic courthouse.

Bowen said he felt a qualified candidate for the job.

“I have lived in Fishers for 30 years and during that time I worked as a public servant,” Bowen said. “Fishermen are a special community to me and the council seat would be another opportunity to continue serving its residents. “

A caucus of local precinct committee members will meet at a later date to select David George’s replacement. Bowen is so far the first to announce his candidacy for the seat.