The Playhouses’ annual Dallas CASA Parade is fast approaching and those involved can’t contain their excitement.

Crest Auto Group will be this year’s presenting sponsor. Mike Brosin, managing director and managing partner of Crest, said part of caring about customers is caring about the communities in which they live.

“By partnering with local nonprofits, we can get more attention and focus on important issues,” Brosin said. “Building a playhouse is a great way to get everyone together, come up with an idea, then design and build the playhouse. It’s not only fun, but it’s a great way to connect our team behind a common cause. Everyone is excited and eager to start each year. Dallas CASA’s mission and work is easy for people to understand.

The Dallas CASA Parade of Playhouses will take place July 15-31 at the NorthPark Center. The event raises funds and awareness for child victims of abuse or neglect served by the City Court-appointed Special Advocates.

Since 1996, the Parade of Playhouses has offered the opportunity for builders, architects, designers and even local high school students to come together around a construction project. The gambling houses are then raffled off to the public.

Reading Favorites

Brosin and his team subscribe to the philosophy that you are only as good as your last show room.

“Every year, the one we work on is our favorite,” he said. “We’ve done several car-themed playhouses, including a Hot Wheels house and a garage-workshop with a pint-sized Cadillac inside. For those of us who work in the automotive industry, it’s kind of fun. My favorite is perhaps Bro’s Diner, the 1950s style restaurant that was inspired by my love of cooking.

This year, the Crest Auto Group is building an aquarium-themed home inspired by incredible fish and colorful underwater life.

It takes a lot longer than you think to build a playhouse, Brosin added.

“We start coming up with playhouse ideas in the spring, but the real work happens during the six weeks before the playhouses arrive at the NorthPark Center,” he said.

That time has come, because the event is fast approaching. The Playhouses will be on display for two weeks while $5 raffle tickets will be sold. They are treasured by recipients, who often keep them for years.

“We want the playhouse to be fun and capture kids’ imaginations,” Brosin said. “It’s great to see the kids getting excited about the playhouse and surrounding it, looking at all the different ways to have fun. They often think of ways to play in it that we hadn’t even imagined. .

A hand

Brosin’s wife, Jana, volunteers with Dallas CASA and introduced her husband to the nonprofit’s work with foster children.

“Dallas CASA volunteers are community members trained to advocate for child victims of abuse or neglect. Once you understand what these volunteers do every day behind the scenes in Dallas, it’s really hard to say no. They help children get their childhood back,” Brosin said.

Crest Auto Group, which includes Crest Cadillac, Crest INFINITI and Crest Volvo, has had a presence in the Dallas area for more than 25 years and employs the following mantra: “If you give your customers your full attention, a lot of that attention comes back.” to you. .”

At its Frisco campus, Crest offers a Texas monthly-an acclaimed five-star BBQ restaurant, 2,000+ bottle wine cellar, event space, herb garden, practice greens and dog park.

“Customer attention equals customer retention,” Brosin said.

The customer focus extends to worthy causes like the Dallas CASA fundraiser, he added. Those interested in joining the more than 1,500 local residents serving as Dallas CASA volunteers are invited to register for an information session.