Freshman Paige Gillett has a new book-writing project that she hopes will raise money for a community playhouse at the original site of the family business, Cressman’s General. Store.

Paige’s iconic business and home in the Shaver Lake area was wiped out in the devastating Creek Fire in September 2020 which destroyed more than 800 buildings and burned nearly 380,000 acres.

She and other children participated in a group book-writing project, “Where is my home? Sierra National Forest” which raised funds to help young fire victims create new rooms. The book was the best-selling children’s book in four categories on Amazon.

Susie Harder, a clinical service provider from Clovis who, as founder and director of, oversaw the book project, said Paige’s illustrations of her lost home, along with drawings by 10 other children who lost their homes in the fire, are included in the book. . The project ended up connecting children from 41 states and 26 countries who learned about fire and the importance of forests, and encouraged Paige when the book was published, Harder said.

Now Paige, who attends Pine Ridge Elementary School, will be signing books Saturday at A Book Barn in Clovis. She will bring with her two of her recent and as yet unpublished books: “The Unfunny Bunny” and “Where’s My Birdhouse?”

Paige is due at A Book Barn for the signing from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday. The bookstore is at 640 Clovis Ave.

Proceeds from Saturday’s event, including online orders from Amazon, will go towards building the performance hall. Contributions can also be made via Venmo @Kidsrebuild.

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