City council will be dark for the next two weeks and return on July 12, according to the city’s website.

Upon the return of the council, a public hearing will take place on the renewal of the Playhouse Village Property and Business Improvement District (PVPBID) for six years.

PVBID pools financial resources and leverages public support to deliver district-wide activities, advocate for improvements and promote investment in the region.

“As we emerge from the impacts of the pandemic, the next PBID mandate will allow us to continue to provide our essential services such as daily ambassador guides, street beautification, business recruiting, promotions and advocacy efforts. marketing to all stakeholders of Playhouse Village. The group said on the Playhouse Village website.

As part of its new 2022-2027 vision, the group identifies:

PVPBID was formed in 2001 for a period of five years. The neighborhood was renewed in 2006, 2011 and 2016 for additional five-year periods.

The renewal allows the PBID to continue to provide and manage additional services and enhancements for the business center, including enhanced security and maintenance services, a professional marketing and business promotion program, and a business promotion program. installation and upgrading of physical equipment in the large Playhouse Village.

The PBID allows owners, businesses and residents of Playhouse Village to work as a unit, to continue to fund necessary additional property and business improvement programs, services and programs.

The board is only due to meet twice in July.

In August, council is expected to discuss a possible extension of the YWCA’s conditional use permit for the construction and construction of a 91,000 square foot two to six story building to be used as a hotel at the historic site.

On August 16, 2016, the city council approved a series of zoning rights for a hotel building, including the rehabilitation of the building.

Approvals required by the zoning code on properties located in zoning districts outside of single family residences, or RS, are valid for an initial period of three years, unless an extension is granted.

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