Dodge County Realty Group realtors Peter Jacobus, left to right, Marlene Jacobus, Bayley Becher and Brian Keiborz talk about the agency.

Brian Kieborz knows that working at Dodge County Realty Group gives its real estate agents more than just a paycheck.

Realtors have the opportunity to form strong relationships with those they serve.

“It’s great that we can help them save money on the sales side, but I think we all love helping people, meeting new people, building those relationships with people,” he said. declared. “It often goes beyond selling, and these people become your friends.”

Since opening by owners Darin Whitmer and Sam Heineman in February 2018, Dodge County Realty Group has offered property buying, selling and leasing services at a low commission rate of 4%.

Kieborz first joined the team as a real estate agent three years ago after moving to the community in 2007. He said that with this position he enjoyed the change of pace, setting his own schedule. and helping people find their dream home.

“It seemed like there was a need, and with us making the 4% lists, it seems to keep us busy,” he said. “People really react to less commissions, so that’s what got me in there, just helping people, and I love what I do.”

Real estate agent Marilou Lenz has almost 30 years of experience in real estate, working in various agencies in Elkhorn and Omaha.

“Then I saw the opportunity to come into this business, and I think what we charge is a big part of what people watch,” she said. “So, I’ve been here about a year and a half, and I just enjoy it.”

Bayley Becher said she joined DCRG shortly after it opened. A 2015 graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan University, Becher said she appreciates Whitmer and Heineman’s young spirit.

“They are more innovative and they have new ideas instead of older ideas,” Becher said. “And I think integrity and character speaks volumes, which is why I chose to work for them.”

The agency is also the workplace of Peter and Marlene Jacobus, who moved to Fremont with their five children from Omaha 14 years ago.

Having worked as a real estate agent since 2009, Marlene Jacobus said she first started the business because of her love of working with people. Like others, she said DCRG’s pricing structure was a big part of her agency membership.

“I thought the 4% was great, but when I started to see what they were doing for their customers, I felt like Dodge County was doing a lot more for their customers than others in this regard. which concerns marketing, photos and aerial tours, ”she said. .

Although his main business is insurance, Peter Jacobus said he was inspired by his wife’s success in real estate and was keen to join us as well. He obtained his real estate license in mid-February.

“The pricing structure for this company was very attractive because I just think people are really reacting to it,” he said. “They get better marketing for a lower price, and it’s fun to watch.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic underway, Lenz said DCRG needs to make adjustments for the safety of its customers.

“With your clients, if they want you to do certain things, of course you would do it for them,” she said. “And you have to make sure that their homes are taken care of and that people come and go safely.”

Last year, DCRG purchased virtual tour technology to use to show off their homes, which Kieborz says has been a huge plus for the agency at the moment.

“Especially with COVID, I think a lot of people still get a detailed look at someone’s house without having to interact with us or the owners or having people returning home at a time when we have major COVID issues. ,” he said. “And so I think it really helped us and set us apart.”

With the new virtual tours, Lenz said that customers can immediately see the exact dimensions of their rooms in a convenient way.

“Because a lot of times people would say, ‘Well, can we go back and measure everything again? “She said.” They don’t need it because they have it, so they know what works for them. “

As DCRG uses more technology, Kieborz also said the agency has created a large database of potential buyers and sellers for realtors to browse.

“We’re all family and we all get along, so we tell each other our announcements,” he said. “We want people to see more customers, we’re not like competing against each other.”

Additionally, DCRG’s real estate agents said the agency’s use of advertising has also helped it align potential clients with their dream home.

“Our marketing, between our photos, just our social media broadcast, in different ways like that, I feel like we broadcast it more than any other business here, of course,” he said. declared.

Becher said DCRG real estate agents have almost limitless resources to put their homes online so people can see them.

“We have different avenues that we use for advertising, and it’s consistent,” she said. “The publicity they give us is great, so it’s a great distinction between the other places.”

Uploading photos of homes, Marlene Jacobus said DCRG has a quick turnaround time to speed up the process.

“Our daughter taking the photos is amazing,” she said. “She takes some great, really high quality photos and immediately puts them on the Marketplace website, so there is no waiting time.”

When he first met the owners of DCRG, Peter Jacobus said he was “blown away” by his advertising and marketing.

“It’s better than everyone else at a lower price,” he said. “And it was very attractive for me to come here, and it is obviously attractive to customers.”

With the houses that DCRG advertises online, Kieborz said each is treated the same regardless of who lists it.

“Whereas in other businesses, a lot of times agents don’t necessarily want to advertise because they don’t want to spend the money to do it because it’s actually coming out of their pocket,” he said. he declares. “But we have an advertising budget that we use and distribute to everyone’s homes equally.”

Lenz said putting every real estate agent on the same level at DCRG has created a healthy working environment.

“Someone will always help you do this if you need anything,” she said. “We’re always ready to let people know that we have things to sell, this type of deal, so if you have customers we can immediately try to help them.”

Becher said each of the realtors has similar goals in mind, which makes it much easier to work together.

“We all have the same goal of helping people, not because we have to, but because that’s how we are,” she said. “So I feel like that’s what makes us different too, is that we’re all different, but we have the same idea and we all work together.”

In turn, the camaraderie of realtors has an impact on clients, as these relationships are also seen at a time when the search for a home can be chaotic.

“I feel like the long term relationships you build are the best, and that’s what I love most about real estate,” Becher said. “The friends who become family or acquaintances that you become really close to are the most important to me.”

As many of the clients they work with have lived in their homes for extended periods of time, Lenz said DCRG is able to give them the help they need.

“I’m dealing with another couple who have lived in their house for 35 years, so a lot of people don’t know much about these things,” she said. “You kind of have to remind yourself that they haven’t sold a house in a while, so if they have any questions, you have to talk to them to make them feel comfortable.”

After watching his wife in the real estate business for over a decade, Peter Jacobus said he was thrilled to join the DCRG team, which he believes is able to give people better service at a price. inferior.

“They always say you can’t have all three: you can’t have the speed, the quality and the service,” he said. “But here you don’t have to choose, you get all three. It’s really unique.”