Winona City Council has approved the grant application that will educate and educate residents with properties considered historic.

With the grant from the certified local government, the upkeep of the property can be ensured as well as the prevention of negligent demolition, which is a process of allowing a structure to deteriorate to the point where demolition is necessary.

As part of the education process, building owners have the option of being informed about financing options for improvements to their building.

The request may also include an analysis of local financing options, addressing gaps and improving the downtown revolving loan fund, as well as an analysis of state and federal resources that could be better utilized.

In the motion presented to council, it is mentioned that a negligent demolition expert will be involved in reviewing the final results “to ensure they ‘fill the void’ productively for owners of historic properties.” .

The estimated costs total $ 14,000, with $ 10,000 being paid for by grants and $ 4,000 being paid by matching city funds.

The motion passed unanimously on Monday.