Christina anstead “Flip or Flop” fame knows that good design can help people relax at home. And in the latest episode of her new show, “Christina on the Coast,” she meets clients who clearly need more zen in their lives as they argue over every design decision they have to make.

In the episode “Wellness Remodel”, Anstead helps a health expert Cara and her husband, Chris, redo their bedroom and bathroom. While Anstead presents them with some amazing designs, the couple can’t agree on much.

Find out which parts of Anstead’s ideas impress her difficult clients, and see if they might inspire you to try some improvements in your own home.

Laminate flooring can give your bathroom a real wood look

This lightweight floor covering gives an impression of spaciousness and light even in the narrow hallway.


Anstead has big ideas for Chris and Cara’s new flooring. She suggests a lightweight vinyl for the bathroom, explaining that it will look like real wood but hold up well to water.

However, Cara is not sure, claiming that she had imagined a darker floor. However, she ended up agreeing to try Anstead’s design. Once the flooring is installed, Cara is surprised.

“I thought they were going to feel and look like a barn,” she said, inspecting the floors, “but I love them.”

Floors bring essential natural tones to a clean, modern bathroom. They are so beautiful that Cara and Chis end up using the same flooring for the bedroom.

The only thing every bathroom needs: spa vibes

Before: This bathroom wall was simple and boring.


Who doesn’t want a bathroom that looks like a spa? Anstead has a nifty idea to help create that relaxing vibe that we all desire. She suggests putting hexagonal tiles behind the mirrors and behind the tub.

“It’s going to kind of give it a nice flow, and I think that will make the piece even bigger,” says Anstead.

After: This hexagonal tile gives the space a calm and clean look.


His customers aren’t sure at first, but once the tile is installed, it’s clear Anstead’s suggestion was a good choice. The tiled floors make the bathroom an oasis of relaxation.

“I feel like I finally have a space to retreat to once the kids are up at night and relax,” Cara says.

Shower tiles can look completely different depending on how they are laid.

Christina anstead
Christina Anstead shows her clients their tile options.


Cara and Chris want to modernize their shower, so Anstead presents some tiling ideas. While Chris and Cara both love the white geometric tile suggested by Anstead, they cannot agree on whether to lay the tile horizontally or vertically.

When laid vertically, the tile looks modern and chic; when laid horizontally, the tile gives the shower a more classic look.

The couple fight over the tiles until they end up testing the look by putting some tiles in the shower. Together, they decide that the vertical version of Cara is better and, in the end, even Chris is happy with the result.

Chris and Cara made the right choice when it comes to this shower tile.


“I know I wanted horizontal,” Chris said as he studied the shower, “but it looks amazing.”

Clearly, vertical tiling was the right choice – not only does it make the bathroom look modern, but it also makes the large shower look even bigger.

A fireplace should make the right statement

Before: This fireplace served as a nice backdrop for Cara’s videos; however, it was a bit dated.


Chris and Cara have a lovely fireplace in their room, but the couple think they need a refresh. Cara uses this fireplace as the backdrop for her wellness video tutorials, so she wants it to be perfect.

While Cara wants to give the fireplace an elegant cement tile look, Chris says he prefers brick tiles.

“It’s a little easier,” Chris says of the brick tiles. “I think cement tile can be very busy and maybe a little crazy.”

With new tiles this fireplace looks amazing.


So Chris, Cara, and Anstead end up buying tiles together, and each chooses their favorite design. In the end, Chris and Cara choose the cement tile offered by Anstead.

Chris likes it not to be too crowded and Cara likes how stylish it is. It seems that the tiling is a perfect compromise.

“I love tiles,” Cara says. “Talk about a statement piece.”

Cara tries out the new backdrop for her wellness videos.


Try shiplap in the bedroom for a rustic style

This white choker adds a little extra character to the bedroom.


While Chris and Cara may disapprove of some of Anstead’s designs (and disagree with each other), they both like Anstead’s idea of ​​putting sheets on one of the bedroom walls.

“Yes! I wanted the shiplap so badly,” Cara says when Anstead suggests.

In the finished room, the shiplap looks clean, warm and classic. It’s a perfect accent wall for this space and pairs well with the sleek new fireplace and light floors.

Chris says the shiplap “ties it all together”.

Is Christina Anstead’s renovation up to the task?

Although a bedroom and a bathroom don’t seem to be a problem, a lot goes into this renovation. Between the new flooring, the tile choices, and the updated fireplace, there’s a lot to think about, and those choices are only made more difficult when Anstead’s customers don’t always agree with her or between them.

Still, Anstead is able to create a nice sequel for Chris and Cara. As the pair slightly overstepped their budget of $ 55,000, deciding to pay $ 2,500 to make the shower bigger, the expense is well worth it. Chris and Cara love their new space.

“Christina really pulled off the design,” Cara says. “It’s a little surreal to have such an incredible space.”


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