Starting Friday, October 8, the Cumberland County Playhouse Adventure Theater will be filled with ocean voyages, storms at sea, trustworthy British naval officers and treacherous pirates as the CCP presents “Peter and the Starcatcher ”.

“I am so lucky to be working on this extremely inventive piece,” said director of education Weslie Webster, who runs the show. “And I’m always grateful to work with these wonderfully creative and inventive actors.”

This Tony Award-winning “Peter Pan Adult Prequel,” features a dozen intrepid actors from a baker who take audiences on a journey filled to the brim with theatrical magic.

They call him Boy, the Nameless Orphan (Cory Clark). One day, he and his companions are taken to the good ship Neverland, which is heading to a distant island ruled by the evil King Zarboff.

Once aboard, Boy befriends an early apprentice Starcatcher named Molly (DeAnna Helgeson), who reveals that the Neverland is secretly carrying a trunk full of stars. But the ship is soon overrun by the infamous Black Stache (Jason Ross) and his pirate crew. If the stuff of the stars falls into Black Stache’s hands, all of his wishes could come true.

The cast also includes Christian Melhuish and Paul Gary as orphans Prentiss and Ted, Jensen Crain-Foster as Black Stache, Smee, Daniel Black as Gremkin, Charlie Munday as Bill Slank, Emma Jordan as Bill Slank, Emma Jordan as Gremkin. ‘Alf, Justin Burr in that of Molly’s nanny. Bumbrake, Bradley Moore as Molly’s father, Lord Aster, Michael Ruff as Captain Scott, and Jacob Alexander as Sanchez.

The unnamed boy becomes the boy who didn’t want to grow up in “Peter and the Starcatcher,” a swashbuckling tale of yesteryear, steeped in today’s pop culture imagery.

PG-rated “Peter and the Starcatcher,” runs through November 11.

“Little House on the Prairie, the Musical”, rated G, continues on the Mainstage until October 28, and “Scrooge, the Musical”, also rated G, will be on the Mainstage from November 5 to December 18.

All CCP productions are made possible through the support of sponsors, with additional support provided by the Tennessee Arts Commission, the media sponsor of Playhouse Crossville Chronicle and Playhouse Season Partners Plateau Pediatrics and Tim and Susan Tewalt.

Cumberland County Playhouse is located at 221 Tennessee Avenue in Crossville.