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Initiated to trotting has compiled a list of the best drivers and coaches on racetracks across Canada throughout the 2021 harness racing season.

Four years away from his World Driving Home Championship title, James MacDonald captured the top seasonal honors of 2021 in the win and win charts, raising more than $ 7.1 million in purses in Canada while winning 304 of his 1,590 Canadian starts this season. MacDonald, who mainly plies his trade at Woodbine Mohawk Park, had an exceptional year and established himself as the top driver on the nation’s premier circuit. He was announced as one of two finalists for the 2021 Keith Waples Driver of the Year award.

Nationally, Colin Kelly (278) and Sylvain Filion (233) rounded out the top three winning drivers in Canadian competition, while Filion ($ 5.3 million) and McNair ($ 4.9 million) dollars) completed the payout sorter.

Guy Gagnon posted a universal driver score of 0.467 to win the title as a percentage among Canadian drivers with a minimum of 260 starts, a figure which was the best in North America. Gagnon’s average surpassed that of Marc St. Louis, Jr. (0.458) and Brandon Campbell (0.418) among Canadian re-enactors.

Building on the practice championships at Woodbine Mohawk Park and Georgian Downs, Richard Moreau captured his sixth straight sweep of wins and wins among conditioners across Canada. Moreau, whose only loss in either category since 2012 came when Jimmy Takter edged him out as the highest-paying coach in 2015, saw his starters total 236 wins and 3.17 million. dollars in purses. Carmen Auciello was second in both columns, with 132 wins and $ 2.4 million in prize money; Kelly Hoerdt (107) and Nick Gallucci ($ 2.1 million) finished third respectively in terms of wins and prize money.

Among the coaches with over 260 starts, Marc Campbell finished 2021 at the top of the percentage table, compiling a universal score of 0.471 to overtake Mandy Archer (0.244) and Guy Gagnon (0.413).

Some of Canada’s smaller teams topped the UTR rankings for coaches who made between 10 and 260 starts. Canadian coaches had five of the seven best averages, with Gilles Barrieau in the lead with 0.502 at bat in his 144 starts. Barrieau comes ahead of Trevor Williams (third in North America with 0.500 out of 181 starts) with Stacey Currie (fourth in North America; 0.488; 133 starts) and Nathan Sobey (5th in North America; 0.450; 240 starts) completing the top five. O’Brien Prize finalist Nick Gallucci (0.433 out of 2,032 starts) finished seventh.

(*** All statistics include Canadian departures from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. Minimum of 260 departures for URS statistics.)

Century down

Best Driver (Silver): Kelly Hoerdt ($ 525,273)
Best Driver (Wins): Brandon Campbell (80)

Top Coach (Silver): Nathan Sobey ($ 415,950)
Best Coach (Wins): Nathan Sobey (55)

Thousand of Century

Best Driver (Silver): Phil Giesbrecht ($ 47,787)
Best driver (wins): Phil Giesbrecht (9)

Best Coach (Silver): Nathan Sobey (29,960)
Best coach (wins): Nathan Sobey (5)

Clinton raceway

Best Driver (Silver): Tyler Moore ($ 77,275)
Best driver (wins): Natasha Day (14)

Best Coach (Silver): Blake MacIntosh ($ 51,774)
Best Coach (Wins): Lacey McCabe (8)

Dresden Circuit

Best Pilot (Silver): Scott Wray ($ 68,669)
Best Driver (Wins): Scott Wray (18)

Top Coach (Silver): Donnie Rankin Jr. ($ 24,874)
Best coach (wins): Tyler Nostadt (8)

Circuit of the exhibition center

Best Pilot (Silver): David Dowling ($ 34,368)
Best driver (wins): Todd Trites (15)

Best Coach (Silver): Gilles Barrieau ($ 25,979)
Best coach (wins): Sifroi Melanson (14)

Flamboro Downs

Best Driver (Silver): Brett MacDonald ($ 594,157)
Best Driver (Wins): Brett MacDonald (87)

Best Coach (Silver): Richard Moreau ($ 252,421)
Best coach (wins): Richard Moreau (45)

Fraser downs

Best Driver (Silver): Brandon Campbell ($ 609,919)
Best Driver (Wins): Brandon Campbell (91)

Best Coach (Silver): Jim Marino ($ 474,845)
Best coach (wins): Kelly Hoerdt (61)

Georgian stockings

Best Driver (Silver): Brett MacDonald ($ 296,630)
Best Driver (Wins): Brett MacDonald (38)

Best Coach (Silver): Richard Moreau ($ 185,643)
Best coach (wins): Richard Moreau (26)

Grand River Circuit

Best Pilot (Silver): Colin Kelly ($ 357,980)
Best driver (wins): Colin Kelly (65)

Best Coach (Silver): Nick Gallucci ($ 158,075)
Best Coach (Wins): Kyle Bossence (27)

Hanover Circuit

Best Pilot (Silver): Bob McClure ($ 80,314)
Best Driver (Wins): Bob McClure (14)

Top Coach (Silver): Mark Etsell ($ 35,662)
Best coach (wins): Terry Gallant (10)

Hiawatha Equestrian Park

Best Pilot (Silver): Marc St. Louis Jr. ($ 97,640)
Best Driver (Wins): Marc St. Louis Jr. (33)

Best Coach (Silver): Tyler Nostadt ($ 53,715)
Best coach (wins): Tyler Nostadt (17)

Racecourse 3R

Best pilot (silver): Pascal Bérubé ($ 225,329)
Best driver (victories): Pascal Bérubé (63)

Best Coach (Silver): Francis Richard ($ 142,250)
Best coach (wins): Sylvain Tremblay (31)

Inverness Circuit

Best driver (silver): Redmond Doucet ($ 34,523)
Best driver (wins): Redmond Doucet (33)

Best Coach (Silver): Donald Beaton ($ 18,661)
Best Coach (wins): Donald Beaton (15)

Kawartha downs

Best Driver (Silver): Nick Boyd ($ 107,394)
Best Driver (Wins): Nick Boyd (31)

Top Coach (Silver): John MacMiillan ($ 39,785)
Top Coach (Wins): John MacMillan (12)

Leamington Raceway

Best Driver (Silver): Tyler Borth ($ 124,672)
Best Driver (Wins): Tyler Borth (34)

Best Coach (Silver): Tyler Nostadt ($ 66,359)
Best coach (wins): Tyler Nostadt (24)

Marquis Downs

Best Pilot (Silver): Glenn Le Drew ($ 32,200)
Best driver (wins): Glenn Le Drew (17)

Top Coach (Silver): Trevor Williams ($ 39,824)
Best Coach (Wins): Trevor Williams (19)

Miami Fair

Best Driver (Silver): Glenn Le Drew ($ 40,130)
Best driver (wins): Glenn Le Drew (25)

Top Coach (Silver): Trevor Williams ($ 55,891)
Best Coach (Wins): Trevor Williams (35)

Northside Downs

Best Driver (Silver): Mark Pezzarello ($ 33,494)
Best driver (wins): Ryan Campbell and Mark Pezzarello (27)

Best Coach (Silver): Harold LeBlanc ($ 14,008)
Best Coach (wins): Harold LeBlanc and Robert MacNeil (13)

Western Fair District Racecourse

Best Pilot (Silver): Colin Kelly ($ 533,287)
Best driver (wins): Colin Kelly (79)

Top Coach (Silver): Kyle Bossence ($ 198,909)
Best Coach (Wins): Kyle Bossence (32)

Red Shores at Charlottetown Fleet

Best Pilot (Silver): Marc Campbell ($ 395,140)
Best driver (wins): Marc Campbell (129)

Best Coach (Silver): Marc Campbell ($ 173,716)
Best coach (wins): Marc Campbell (60)

Rideau Carleton Circuit

Best driver (silver): Guy Gagnon (859,739)
Best driver (wins): Guy Gagnon (179)

Best Coach (Silver): Vic Puddy ($ 508,644)
Best Coach (Wins): Mandy Archer (101)

Summerside Racing Circuit

Best Driver (Silver): Marc Campbell ($ 197,331)
Best driver (wins): Marc Campbell (52)

Best Coach (Silver): Marc Campbell ($ 95,264)
Best coach (wins): Marc Campbell (21)

The track on 2

Best Driver (Silver): Dave Kelly ($ 67,337)
Best Driver (Wins): Dave Kelly (22)

Top Coach (Silver): Dave Kelly ($ 58,274)
Best Coach (Wins): Dave Kelly (19)

Truro Circuit

Best pilot (silver): Paul Langille ($ 63,990)
Best driver (victories): Paul Langille (36)

Top Coach (Silver): George Rennison ($ 54,030)
Best Coach (Wins): George Rennison (33)

Mohawk Woodbine Park

Best Pilot (Silver): James MacDonald ($ 6,430,456)
Best Driver (Wins): James MacDonald (270)

Best Coach (Silver): Richard Moreau ($ 2,981,237)
Best coach (wins): Richard Moreau (135)

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