WILSON CO., Tenn. (WKRN) – You’ve heard the saying “everything but the kitchen sink”. A small Wilson County theater group might use the phrase to refer to a break-in that happened over the weekend.

The thief stole all kinds of things, including perfume and hairpins. Now, the hunt for the culprit is on.

Ann Street-Kavanaugh, general manager of Playhouse 615, left News 2 cameras inside to capture the crime scene. “This is where we had all the tools. They left the vac store.

As if the pandemic wasn’t a bump in the road enough for the fledgling theater company, they entered Sunday morning to find virtually everything cleaned out of the building.

“A strange variety of things. They even picked up… we had bottles. She pointed to empty shelves, “We just made Steel Magnolias, and they took bottles of perfume and hair products, and they took it all.”

Street-Kavanaugh said he even stole for around $ 2,000 of borrowed tools, a laptop that controlled their audio and lights. In addition, they took costumes and wigs.

“The generous side of me wants to hope that they really need the money,” she continued, “But, the other side of me is angry and would like to catch them.”

One thing she said they didn’t take – they weren’t able to steal the show. Everything went as planned on Sunday. “The show must go on,” another term they might use.

“Even if the scenery around us collapses, we will continue to keep going and give you the best possible show,” Street-Kavanaugh said.

Thanks to a generous donation, a reward has been offered if someone can help catch the person (s) who robbed Playhouse 615.

There is also a GoFundMe set up to help replace stolen items.