Stewards, directors and cast are bracing for the first full capacity crowd at Bristol Racecourse since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

For almost a month, the Bristol Theater will host the first stop of the brand new live performance, Beauty and the Beast.

It will be the first performance in the theater to have all available seats for clients without social distancing in place – although face masks are still strongly recommended.

Those working on the performance said that while the story is well known and loved by many, there will be big changes so there will be something new for everyone.

The dancers rehearse for the new show. Credit: Disney

Courtney Stapleton, who plays Belle, said: “Beauty and the Beast is one of those Disney series that I think is underrated, but if you ask around a lot of people say it’s their favorite. “

Matt West, director and choreographer of the show, said, “All of the choreography, all of the dance music is completely new.

“The costumes have been reinvented with a bit more modernity – it’s still Belle, but with a modern layer.

“The set is all new, so this is a whole new production of a show that everyone has loved for many years.”

Courtney Stapleton and Emmanuel Kojo rehearse their roles as Beauty and the Beast. Credit: Disney

Getting a Disney-level show on stage immediately after a pandemic wasn’t an easy task, but the show’s runners said the location of the premiere made all the difference.

Thomas Schumacher, President and Producer of Disney Theatrical said, “We have this glorious theater to be in, the community has been very supportive, we kind of take control of the street outside, the people are really nice. “

The show has been well received by everyone from politicians to tourist boards as the region begins to fully reopen.

Dancers rehearse for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at Bristol Racecourse. Credit: Disney

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees said: “I am delighted that the public is finallybe able to return to Bristol Racecourse from 25 August.

“Like many businesses, they have faced incredible challenges over the past year and a half, but now, finally, the show will continue.”

It is hoped that the brand new show will also help revive the economy in the city’s art sector as summer vacation tourism begins to wane.

The show will take place at the Hippodrome for almost a month.

Kathryn Davis, Director of Tourism for Visit West said: “We are delighted to welcome TheBristol Hippodrome is back, and with a world premiere as an opening production, thethe reopening is even more special.

“Bristol Racecourse is a vital part of Bristol’s visitor economy and it is an exciting start to an incredible calendar of events.”

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