SAN FRANCISCO, February 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – BIZCAP® (Business Capital since 2002) has secured a $ 15 million multi-tranche credit facility for the largest trader, processor and distributor of high quality chickpeas (chickpeas) products in the United States. a small family business at the market leader, processing more than 98 million pounds of product in its three production plants. The beans are bagged and shipped to all 50 states and 6 continents, to small family businesses and international food suppliers. This new credit facility will help the farm business stabilize after a period of fluctuating industry and commodity prices and provide it with access to sufficient working capital as it continues to execute its long-term strategy. run to be the largest supplier of chickpeas to the US market.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the BizCap team,” said Chuck Doyle, President and CEO of BizCap. “We simultaneously extended a line of credit against assets from one lender and a term mortgage from another lender and closed both loans within 45 days,” he said. “Sometimes it reminded me of a high-flying act, but that’s what we do – take care of our clients’ businesses and deliver on our commitments. That’s how we’ve built our long standing reputation in a very competitive industry.

BizCap® is a leading trade finance and advisory firm with a proven track record of securing personalized, non-dilutive lending solutions for fast-growing and struggling mid-market companies nationwide in need of structures to unique, timely and tailored financing to meet their particular needs, especially when conventional sources of capital are elusive or not an option. BizCap is a proud supporter of Team IMPACT, a national non-profit organization that connects children facing serious and chronic illnesses with local college sports teams, creating lasting connections and life-changing results.

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