A broken theater chair believed to have belonged to Derby Racecourse has been restored to pristine condition in the BBC repair shop, leaving its owner speechless.

Jamie Woods brought the chair that had been in pieces in his parents’ attic for 20 years.

The team made the seat look brand new, while retaining much of its original appearance.

Speaking from the seat, Jamie said, “It’s been a long time and it’s gone beyond what I thought it might look like.

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“I’m just thrilled.”

It had been bought at a garage sale, but had gathered dust for two decades.

Old bingo cards found in the seat pocket led Jamie to assume they were from Derby Racecourse.

The BBC team were able to restore the chair, using the original green velor upholstery, while metal expert Dominic helped rebuild it.

The chair has been restored to pristine condition and Jamie has been able to sit on it for the first time in 20 years

An old tag, attributing the chair’s original construction to the Nottingham Shop Fitting Company, in Long Eaton, was found inside.

Dominic also helped replace the missing wooden armrest.

Once completed, the family treasure was returned to Jamie.

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